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Useful information for you preparing your travel to Myanmar, that will answer common questions such as when to go Myanmar, how to go, Visa requirements and more essential, practical guides from real experience of our travel experts.. Get some best preparation for amazing time in our mysterious country

A Myanmar Luxury Holiday called Thingyan Water Festival

How do you define a Myanmar luxury holiday? Joining a tour of Thingyan Water Festival will offer you the best

Suggestion for Unforgettable Yangon Sightseeing Tours

If you are wondering which city to visit in Myanmar, Yangon is always a good idea. To make most of

Good Preparation for Best Myanmar Tours Ever- Thingyan Water Festival

You might find out one of the best Myanmar tours to enjoy in the next few days, but it is advisable for
3 new Myanmar Tours ideas in 2017 and Top 6 to-dos List

3 new Myanmar Tours ideas in 2017 and Top 6 to-dos List

HIT Myanmar Tours, a local tour operator in Myanmar, has reviewed the last year of 2016 and announce the trend

Keep your electric items full charged while travelling in Myanmar (C/D/F/G)

Prepare for your Myanmar tours will not be completed if you fail to keep your electronic items full charged. Your
Practice of Buddhism in Indochina countries

Practice of Buddhism in Indochina countries

Buddhist practice in Indochina countries has both similar and different points, coming along with special values and positive influences on

Differences of Buddhist Architecture Among Indochina Countries

Five out six of Indochina countries including Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Myanmar principally practice Buddhism, but it will be
Mandalay - Land of Burma Ancient Capitals

Mandalay - Land of Burma Ancient Capitals

The area around Mandalay city is very rich in ancient capitals, which leave countless valued historic and religious relics. Thanks
Myanmar Tour FAQs updated

Myanmar Tour FAQs updated

This is our newest update about Myanmar travel settings. Check it out for the best preparation of your excited coming

Myanmar's Attractive Street Food

As an enigmatic country, Myanmar is also attractive for its original cuisine based on distinctly indigenous ingredients. Strolling around the

Myanmar’s Unique Novitiation Ceremony

In Myanmar, boys all have to experience one or several times of “monk-hood”. They will leave their home and be

Trek Kalaw and Meet Ethnic People

Kalaw is a former colonial British hill station in western Shan State of Myanmar (Burma), at 1320m above the sea

Five-Days-Market in Inle Lake

The market is called "5-Day-Market" because the local people rotate between 5 different locations over a 5-day-period.

Visiting Bagan - Beyond Pagodas and Stupas

Bagan owns over 2,200 pagodas and stupas. Apart from learning religious and ancient architecture, there are many active activities
myanmar countryside tour in mawlamyine

Discover Authentic Myanmar Countryside in Mawlamyine

The city is the capital of Mon state with very much rich in historical building and culture that is really


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