11 new experiences for any travellers during their Myanmar tour

Coming to Bagan is a great experience for your Myanmar tour. This writting is to note top 11 things you must do in your Bagan itinerary.

1. Biking to discover Old Bagan

11 new experiences for any travellers during their Myanmar tour 

The very first thing to do is to discover Old Bagan with a bike. Riding in this city is a great way to adventure many interesting places. This is not easy but it worths it. You can stop at any places you want and be closer to local people. Burma tour will be full of new and amazing experiences.

Old Bagan with many small paths will help you get deep knowledge about this city. You can see many temples and pagodas. They are all ancient and mysterious. You can even have time to watch local people work with their handicraft products.

2. Visiting Manuha pagoda

This pagoda is famous for its big bell. This is located in the big room of the pagodas. Everytime Myanmarese people have festival, especially related to religion, they often go to this pagodas and ring the bell. To these people, this will help them be in peace, be safe and get happiness and joyness in their life.

3. Visiting Ananda pagoda 

11 new experiences for any travellers during their Myanmar tour 

We have to mention this great and huge pagoda. This is sacred and important to Bagan people. Myanmar(Burma) believes that visiting this is one of the most important thing to do. Any travellers should know that this Ananda was built a long time ago, in 1105 AD. Through time and disasters, it was destroyed in some parts. In 1975, many volunteered to use gold leaves to rebuild and use it in tourism. Your Myanmar tour will become greater if you can discover this one. 

You can get to some famous places such as Konagamana in the East, Kassapa in the South, Kakusandha in the north and Gautama in the West. These are 4 parts of a huge Buddha statue.

4. Mahabodhi discovering

One more pagoda in Bagan to note is Mahabodhi. This pagoda is very famous for its architecture. It has some things similar to Bodhigaya in India. The difference is that Mahabodhi doors are painted with gold and locked tightly with 6 keys.You can spend time here to discover more and find the reason for this.

5. Getting to Dhammayangyi

 11 new experiences for any travellers during their Myanmar tour

In your private Myanmar tour in Bagan, you can get to a pagoda named Dhammayangyi. This is the biggest pagoda in Bagan. Dhammayangyi has the shape of a pyramid. The name of this pagodas originated from the similar pyramid built by Narathu long time ago.

6. Find out with Thatbyinyu Phya

This is the highest pagoda in Bagan. With the height of 61 meters, it attracts many travellers to come. You can sit from the roof of it to see all of Old Bagan. During your Myanmar tour, wonderful moments like this can help you feel fresh and fantastic!

7. Visiting Shwesandaw

If you have a Bagan tour, missing this important and romantic one is such a pity thing! This is called: pagoda of sunset. The most wonderful thing to do in this place is to spend time to watch the sunset. That’s why many come here just to take romantic pictures. This ancient pagoda will give you great moments and the best Myanmar tour

8. Adventuring Popa mountain

This sarced mountain is about 50 kilometers from the city center. You can meet many local people coming here to pray and wish for their life and peace. To experience this, you can take time to get to Taung Kalat, a famous monastery. This is not easy to reach. You have to pass 777 steps climbing up high mountain. It requires good health and patience. Popa mountain with the height of more than 1500 meters is believed the home of Nat-a Myanmar god.

9. Watching artists with sand paitings

11 new experiences for any travellers during their Myanmar tour 

One of the most interesting thing to do in your Myanmar tour is to watch an artist performing sand paintings. These paintings are made by sand and performed in front of many pagodas. You can stop and rest, enjoy artists working very enthusiastically and skillfully on their paintings. Many Myanmarese people choose this as their way to make ends meet. You can help them by buying one as a souvenir. Small paintings are priced at 4 to 5 dollars, biggers are more expensive.

10. Taking picture with Pathein umbrellas.

These handicraft products are great things to buy and take. You can buy one for your friends, family or for yourself. It helps in hot days in Bagan. Artists have to spend much time to draw on papers to have their special products. Some use cotton and satin to make different umbrellas. All are in colors with good appearance. Why not choose this in your Myanmar day tour next time?

11. Eating Tamarind flakes

11 new experiences for any travellers during their Myanmar tour 

This kind of cake is very popular in Bagan. Any travellers should try one. You can buy small cakes at Weather Spoon restaurant. They are sweet, cool and delicious. It is also very cheap, only 1 dollar for many. 

11 things above are many wonderful travel tips to prepare for your best Myanmar tour. Welcome to Myanmar! Let myanmartour.com helps you and guide you more!