11 things must be done in Yangon- What to do in Yangon, Myanmar

Yangon, the most famous city of Myanmar, welcomes all travellers from the world. This is not only well-known for its big gold pagodas but also for its culture and food. In this writing, we will help you have a full list of what to do in Yangon, Myanmar.

1.Feeding the catfish

The first thing to do is to feed the catfish. This kind of fish is very popular in Yangon city. You can get to Yangon lake to have this experience. To feed them you can prepare a bread. Take each small part of your bread and let them fall down into the water and enjoy. You will get a giggle during your Yangon tour with this.

2.Visit Shwedagon pagoda 


11 things must be done in Yangon- What to do in Yangon, Myanmar

One more thing to do in Yangon is visiting Shwedagon. This very famous pagoda is among top Myanmar highlights. Shwedagon is also one of the most beautiful pagodas in the world. Wonderful to see the sun rises with a great view from this pagoda! You can be with thousands travellers all wait for the best time in the morning. You can even get Yangon most wonderful sights during time in this 76 carat diamond crown pagoda.

3.Visiting China Town

This is a noisy street of Yangon. China Town will serves you well with delicious street food with barbecue. You can walk along the street, both relax and try good food. You can also know more about Myanmar(Burma) life through activity like this. Discovering Yangon street food will also help you get amazing feeling and a full stomach after walking a long distance.

4.Discovering beauty of Kandawgyi Park

11 things must be done in Yangon- What to do in Yangon, Myanmar

This is where many come to feel fresh after stressful work and hard working day. You can rest and breath fresh air. In this kind of peace, you can also take a nap or hire a boat to catch Yangon life in another way. Wonderful thing is that you can see the reflection of famous pagoda:Shwedagon. Among what to do in Yangon, Myanmar, this is a very peaceful thing to do.

5. Getting to Chaukhtatgyi Buddha Temple

One more religious place to see is Chaukhtatgyi Buddha temple. This has a very long name and has many mysterious stories. Many say that visiting is a must do in any Myanmar tours. Why? It has a huge statue up to 217 feet. This temple is among top amazing statues in Myanmar.

6. Have  diner at 999 Shan noodle

Besides many temples and pagodas, Yangon food is also very attractive. The famous Shan noodle is served very well at 999 Shan noodle restaurant. You can easily get to this place to enjoy a bowl. You can even get more Burmese food. 999 Shan noodle staffs are very kind and funny. They will help you have a great tour in Yangon.

7.Downtown Yangon

Do not miss to visit this place with colonial architecture. You can see many buildings in this downtown. Yangon still keep ancient buildings together with modern ones. They are very special, stunning and attracting to us. You can both see the old and the new, the grand and the compact things, all mix delicately  and in harmony.

8. Walking up and see Kalaywa Monastery

11 things must be done in Yangon- What to do in Yangon, Myanmar 

This is for children in Myanmar. During your Yangon sightseeing tour, you can meet many young orphaned boys and girls from this monastery. Many of them will stand in lines in the morning and Myanmar people will share their love by sharing rice and food with them.

9.Enjoying cocktail at Strand hotel

Why we recommend this among what to do in Yangon, Myanmar? Because this great cocktail will help you fresh and cool. Strand hotel, ne of the best hotel in myanmar, will not only serves well with rooms but also in drink and food. You can enjoy cocktail and take moment like at home in this Europe style hotel.

10. Spending time at Yangon train station

You can see real life, real local people with many things waiting for a train to come. Trains are very common in this country. Local people use trains much to help to brings all their things back to home. You can take 3 hours to discover many places in Yangon with a cheap ticket!

11.Sule pagoda

11 things must be done in Yangon- What to do in Yangon, Myanmar

This ancient pagoda will help you understand more about Myanmar religion and history. Being built more than 2500 years ago, this construction still keep it solid architecture. Let’s take time and breath in deeply when visiting this significant tour! Why not try this during your private Myanmar tour?
These 11 things are among what to do in Yangon, Myanmar that any travellers must try. Yangon will be a great destination and it could be greater if you follow this list from beginning till the end.