16 things a traveller must know before having a Myanmar adventure tour

How to have a wonderful Myanmar adventure tour? The very first thing is to prepare carefully. This writing will help you know good information for your Myanmar trip.

16 things a traveller must know before having a Myanmar adventure tour


Myanmar(Burma) is the name of Myanmar. What are the differences between these two names?

Mianmar is used by EU, WTO and many local people. It is believed that it came from Brahmadesh, which means the land of Brahma.

Burma is used by the USA, Australia, Ailen and England. EU also uses this name for Myanmar. Many Myanmarese people only use this name because they do not accept the change of their country’s policy.


When a baby is born in Myanmar, they do not use family name for the baby. The newborn will be named arcording to his birthday. In Myanmar, 7 days of the week are symbolized for 7 mascots such as elephants, rabbits, snakes, rats. 

When calling somebody, Myanmar people will use an article to show the gender, position and age of his.  Mao is used for childen and teenagers, gua is used for the same age/positon. U is used for uncle, aunts. Daw is used for women.

There is one interesting thing is that Myanmarese people do not use many words for naming. So during your private Myanmar tour, you need to ask carefully when wanting to find somebody.

3. Getting married

16 things a traveller must know before having a Myanmar adventure tour

If a couple wants to live with each other forever, they have to find a businessman or an officer to help them in their wedding. The people chosen must have a happy life with his wife or her husband, have both son and daughter. This is to help the new couple have a great, long and happy life together. 

One special thing is that traditional music is used during the wedding. If you are invited to a Myanmar wedding, you can enjoy their beautiful songs and should give them nice gifts or money. These gifts are put at the center of the wedding area. 

Myanmar supports the one wife one husband trend, and a couple can have as many children as they want. This is quite different from Vietnam, where a couple should have only 1 or 2 children instead. You can get a Vietnam Myanmar tour to discover more about the differences.


Funeral in Myanmar is simple. The host will invite somebody to pray for the dead and then continue the cremation. The important thing to remember is that in Myanmar, comers do not give money but gifts such as clothes, hats for the host in their funeral. You can not see cemeteries here. 

5. Traffic 

16 things a traveller must know before having a Myanmar adventure tour

One thing you need to note in your Myanmar adventure tour is about the traffic. In the past, Myanmar used traffic law like England, it meaned you have to go on the left side. But now, this country allows people to travel both side: right and left.

Myanmar traffic is quite good, not as many traffic police officers as Vietnam. 


Myanmar believes in Buddha. You can see many pictures, statues of Buddha on the streets and shops. There are many temples and pagodas. Myanmarese people volunteer to devote their money and gold to decorate temples. 

At home, Myanmarese people have an altar for Buddha, but none for their ancesors. You should show your good expression to their religion even when you are not a Buddist. This will help you be a smart traveller and enjoy your best Myanmar tour.


16 things a traveller must know before having a Myanmar adventure tour

Travellers can be moved when meeting Myanmarese people. These Burmese are very friendly and they are willing to help us. Although their life is not really good and they don’t have high salary, they help freely, they give food to monks, give water to the people on the road. They live happily with each other and live a normal life.

You can be safe when travelling here without worrying about stealing or robbing. Myanmar believes that they can not use things of others so stealing is something very bad. You can make your decision now and book a Myanmar tour at good price!

8.Family duty

Aldutery is a taboo in Myanmar. Myanmarese men love their family and they try to be as devoted to his wife and children as possible. Divorce rate in Myanmar is very low. If somebody performs aldutery, he/she will be shunned and rejected by the society.

9. Gender equality

One thing you should care during your Myanmar adventure tour is gender equality. Men can touch monks’ hands but women are not allowed to. In the family, Myanmarese women have to do housework like Vietnmese women, but it is not really as regid as in India.

10. Behaviour

16 things a traveller must know before having a Myanmar adventure tour

The head is an important part of the body. Myanmar believes that it simbols the intelligence. If you have a Myanmar Vietnam Cambodia tour, only in Vietnam can you touch a baby’s head. Do not use your right hand when giving gifts to them, left hand is believed to be cleaner. 

These Myanmar adventure tour tips are very helpful, right? We will continue with the last 6 things on another article!