Best Way To “Get Lost” In Yangon - Myanmar Day Tour

 With dozens of famous sites, street food, and salty people, Yangon deserves the perfect destination for your Myanmar day tour. Today I will introduce you best way to "get lost" in this beautiful city. 

Shwedagon Pagoda

Shwedagon Pagoda          Shwedagon Pagoda – Photo: Wikipedia
This is one of the most important and famous religious sites in Yangon as well as Myanmar. 
You can see the golden chedi of the pagoda throughout the city because it highs 99 meters. Especially in the sunlight, you can see it twinkles with its golden surface. When you have chance to see it closer on your Myanmar day tour, it is hard to see this pagoda with open eyes, there is so much gold.
The capital well preserves the pagoda so Shwedagon Pagoda still retains its pristine beauty. Visiting this pagoda on your tours in Yangon, you are not only glittering with unique designs but also witness the characteristic rituals of local people.
Another interesting thing at this Shwedagon Pagoda is the umbrella on the top of the pagoda. The umbrella is made of gold, diamonds, and gemstones with small size and is located at the top of the pagoda so many tourists arriving here may miss this highlight. Do not forget to watch it when you visit this sacred place on your Yangon sightseeing tours

Local fresh market

local fresh market
The Fresh Markets In Yangon – Photo: Mark Wiens

My favorite thing about Yangon sightseeing tours is the local fresh market. The best local market I recommend to visit is Thiri Mingalar market on the outskirts of town. Visiting this market, you will not only see the stalls, buy fresh food, but also have the opportunity to experience the life and culture of the local people.
You can also visit lots of fresh market within downtown on your tours in Yangon. The market which I was most impressed when I came here, places on Street 26, known as Thein Gyi Market. When I first came to this market, I was surprised to see vendors and businesses selling their stalls, while small vehicles can pass through. 
You should explore this market on foot, it would be so sweet if you can hold your homie's hand and go through the shops and talk about somethings weird you may catch

Sule Pagoda

Sule Pagoda
Sule Pagoda – Photo: Sieng_kyak

Although it is not the most beautiful and sacred temple in Yangon, Sule Pagoda is one of the navigational landmarks of the city and must be added in your “what to do in Yangon Myanmar” list. Not only that, you can come to this temple conveniently as it is the center for bus and road transportation.
If you want to see sightseeing close then you have to pay the entrance fee of $ 3. However, if you have ever visited Shwedagon Pagoda, you will definitely find the design of this temple less delicate and colorful. Therefore, to explore the temple from outside and visit the surrounding area is the best idea for your Myanmar day tour

Bogyoke Aung San Market

Bogyoke Aung San Market Bogyoke Aung San Market – Photo: Mark Wiens

Bogyoke Aung San Market was built in 1926 under the insurrection of the British colonial period, its former name is Scottish.
My first impression of this place was that the European style was the inspiration in the streets on the outside of the market. Do not forget to walk through the large indoor section which setup like a bazaar when you come to this market on your Yangon sightseeing tours. 
Although this market is quite expensive you can find a lot of items here, especially jewelry (just use discretion), artwork, Burmese dresses and fabric, souvenirs, or handicrafts.
In general, the market is the ideal destination for you because the location is not too far from the center of Yangon, do not forget to put the name of this market to your places to visit in Yangon Myanmar list.
Beside popular sightseeing sites, Yangon also attracts visitors by offering mouth-watering street foods that are sold by road vendors, as well as colorful handmade souvenirs. There are still many other exciting things awaiting you in Yangon, arrange work and time, prepare your budget, plan and pick your backpack then move to this beautiful city. 
Hope you have fun and memorial Myanmar day tour.

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