Enjoying the 2-day Kalaw elephant camp trek in Myanmar escorted tours

 Visiting Myanmar, it is very important to enjoy the natural beauty of this country and some special activities here. For that reason, one of the most interesting suggestions for tourists when choosing Myanmar escorted tours to come to this country is a trekking adventure in Kalaw which lasts for two days. The special feature about this trip is that instead of being served with normal tourism service, you can enjoy the feeling with elephant camp. 
Kalaw elephant camp trek
You will start your adventure from Kalaw, where you can choose the most favorite guide for your trip. Because the trip is trekking, so you can spend your first day time to experience almost all beautiful landscapes of Myanmar high lands and a variety of foods while watching the tea plantations and explore the daily life of the local people in the very peaceful villages. On your Myanmar travel tour, the homestay time must be the most interesting because you will have a chance to connect with the inhabitants and ask them about their customs. These days, homestay service in Myanmar is quite popular so that you can easily find out one house to spend your night and try living with them.
In the next morning, you can continue your trekking travel and explore the humid tropical jungle with tremendous green shades of plants. The flora and fauna system in jungle here will surprise you and leave a huge impression in your mind for holidays to Myanmar. Normally, the most attractive creatures in there are various types of birds, butterflies and plants such as orchids. It is quite a strange and exciting feeling as you will be covered by lush shades of trees and green color everywhere. However, do not panic because this trail will not last so long, so it is better to enjoy every moment of your trek.
Kalaw elephant camp trek 1
This trekking trail of Myanmar escorted tours will last for one day before you arrive the destination, which is called the Green Valley Elephant Camp. The people in this place are in charge of caring for the retired working elephants. Visiting here, you can experience exactly what they have to do daily: taking care of the elephants. For example, it is hard to find an opportunity to feed elephants or wash them at the rivers nearby jungle. Then obviously, you will find this experience worthy and interesting in the end. 
Furthermore, you can also take part in a re-plantation project in this area, which is to make sure that the pristine beauty of the place will be preserved for the next generations or the next tours to arrive. Mostly all tourists in Burma tours are really excited with this plan and they are willing to join hands and protect the environment with no hesitation. To be part of the work is a big joy and fun, and this is surely a very worthy experience in your trip to Myanmar in general, and to Kalaw trek in particular. 
Kalaw elephant camp trek 2 
In sum, there are so much activities that you can enjoy and experience in your two Myanmar holidays to Kalaw. The daily life of the local citizens, the pristine and wild beauty of the nature and the participation in the useful work such as taking care of the elephants and regenerate the sceneries will all bring about a lot of fun and lessons for you.
So, in detail, what is the exact things you will experience in your two days spent for this trip? The following information can be all of what you need to know. This article will provide you a detailed plan for each special day during you trekking trip tour to Kalaw.
In your first day of these Myanmar escorted tours, the guides will lead you to trek to local villages in Kalaw. You are supposed to meet your guide at about six o’clock in the morning and together you can be informed about the detailed schedule of the trip. Try to go to sleep early in the previous night so that you have the best mental status and are alert enough not to miss any important information in the next morning. Next, your trip will start with a path through tropical pine forests, orange and tea plantations and local villages. This part of journey will take you about 6 to 7 hours to get to the final destination. Do not worry as your trip would be really interesting. You can take photos whenever you want to save every special moment that you like, as long as you follow the Myanmar travel guide. After the trip, you can enjoy the lunch break at a local house or monastery. The food or dishes may not be luxurious, but the deliciousness is ensured. The afternoon journey will be continued with the trip to another rural village where you will definitely feel the peace of the nature and the hospitality of the local people. That would also be your stopover to spend the night. The local guide will arrange your dinner with other attractive and tasty with cheap price dishes. Because you are supposed to spend your night in a local house, it may not be like in a luxury travel in Myanmar, but instead it is the sense of belonging and family that will help you to feel the warmth. When going to sleep, you will be provided with mattress, pillow and blankets. For normal backpackers, those facilities are already enough.
 Kalaw elephant camp trek 3

The second day of the journey is the most interesting and the most anticipated part during this trek. Firstly, as usual, you will be served with delicious breakfast in the early morning. After that, you can join your companions to continue the forest trek which last for further 5 to 6 hours. This jungle, like the previous one, is dotted with colorful butterflies, birds and plants. When reaching the destination, an elephant camp, you will be surprised with a variety of elephants and this is among the most interesting part for things to do in Myanmar: feeding and washing for those elephants. Through this activity, you will know more about the way to take care of a kind of wildlife animal, together with other valuable information about them. After that time, the guide will lead you hike up to the main camp and enjoy the lunch together. From there, with a considerable altitude, the air is fresh and the natural view is captivating, you will absolutely relax and be comfortable. In the afternoon, your group will be led back to Kalaw as the trip is finished.
One more important thing to note down for visitors coming for those Myanmar escorted tours is, of course, the price for homestay. Currently, it is reported that the estimated price per person in a shared room when 2pax travelling is $291, while when 4pas travelling is $284.
Kalaw elephant camp trek 4 
Totally, there are some categories that are included in the cost you have to pay before your trip. Firstly, it is the elephant camp visit. This fee include the cost for feeding, washing, short riding and taking photos in the elephant camp. Secondly, you have to pay for the local guide from Myanmar tour company who will lead you through the trip, tell you in detail about the schedule and introduce to you beautiful sites. Besides, it should also be noted about the cost for refreshment for welcoming, lunch in the main camp, one soft drink for lunch, water bottles, bedding with mosquito net at night. On the other hand, you need to prepare another amount of money in case some other things also require you to pay for. They can be named such as the transport fee from and back to Kalaw, personal expenses, other services which are not included or mentioned in the previous programs.
In short, there is a great fun to join in this trip and spend your two days in Myanmar for a trek to elephant camp in Kalaw. By taking part in this trip, there will be various new things to learn about, to explore and experience. Beautiful nature and landscape in these Myanmar escorted tours will be different discoveries of your own about this country and its people. By and large, if you have chosen to experience this journey, be aware about all of the useful information above. And enjoy your trip!