Interesting features about cuisine for Myanmar travel guide

 Coming to Myanmar, visitors come to a country with fertile land and wide variety of resources. These advantages have provided great source of food throughout the year for this country. People in Myanmar have a long list of traditional food. Until now, they have still kept their culture in modern cuisine. This is a Myanmar travel guide for tourists when coming to this country and enjoying foods in here.
 Myanmar cuisine consists of dishes from different regions between three big cultures of China, India and Thailand. These cultures have influenced traditional Myanmar cuisine. Through the flexible transformation, people have created unique features that anyone can easily recognize when learning about the history of cuisine here. The diversity of Myanmar cuisine has also been contributed by local ethnic minorities. All of them have created unique Burma attractions.
Myanmar cuisines are characterized by the use of a variety of fish. Seafood is popular in coastal cities such as Sittwe, Kyaukpyu, Mergui and Dawei while freshwater fish and shrimp are used in the interior. They are introduced in many Myanmar trip blogs. Myanmar soups also include salads, starchy dishes such as rice, wheat, potato, vermicelli...
Traditionally, the Burmese eat meals from foods set on a low table and sit on a bamboo mat. The dishes are served at the same time. Along with traveling to outstanding Burma tourist sites, having Myanmar meals is also interesting. The typical meal consists of hot rice as the main dish with accompanying dishes. They can include fresh or dried fish curry, broccoli and raw vegetables, along with salty ingredients, as well as fried foods.
Joining in an adventure trip in Myanmar, you will hear the Myanmar travel guide talk about the eating tradition of the country. During meals, the oldest people are always served before the others start. Even when they are absent, a meal portion is still cooked separately to show the respect of family members to their grandparents and parents. This custom is called ”Ucha” in Burmese.
Burmese people squeeze the rice into small balls with fingertips and mix with sauce before eating. Chinese chopsticks and spoons are often used to eat pasta. Knives and forks are rarely used. They are also always available at restaurants and hotels. Drinks are often not served with meals. Instead, they usually have soups served in a big bowl. Their drinks are green teas. Of course, the above are such rough guides for a Burma travel.
Nowadays, in the trend of globalization and trade liberalization, it is not a problem about how to get to Myanmar. Besides, all of the famous dishes in the world are learned and adapted in Myanmar. However, many people still preferred their own foods. So far, they have kept the unique features of their traditional dishes.
Any Myanmar travel guide, when talking about the cuisines of the country of Golden Pagoda, will also mention Lephet (green tea leaf). This is the main ingredient for making green tea salad. The dishes made with lephet are slightly bitter and sour. They are often mixed with cabbage, tomatoes, roasted peanuts, garlic and yams. Visitors can also enjoy tomato salad with tomatoes picked from Lake Inle - one of Myanmar's two largest freshwater lakes.
The second special dish is rice fish - Russian htamin. Shan rice is cooked from rice and fresh turmeric to make rice color look more attractive. Then they were covered with layers of fish oil and garlic oil, roasted peanuts and some vegetables. This dish is served with fried shrimp pancakes and spicy sauce, giving fatty and delicious taste. This is another Burma attraction that we should note down when visiting this country.
Curry is also a traditional food of Myanmar cuisine. This is a traditional dish with lots of spices and herbs from indigenous people. As a smart traveler in Myanmar, you should definitely try it. There are many types of meat that are eaten with curry such as pork, beef, lamb, shrimp or fish. Curry is usually served with rice, soup, fresh vegetables, vegetable salad, fried vegetables and other herbs.
Many American traveling to Myanmar fall in love with tofu soup - Hto nu. This dish is made from a kind of bean, cooked into porridge and covered with a layer of yellow powder, herbs and chili powder. This dish can also be served with chicken or pork.
The fried dishes are popular with Myanmar people, so Nangyi Thoke is indispensable. Nangyi Thoke is a kind of fried and thick noodles, mixed with chicken, some slices of fish, bean sprouts and boiled eggs. Then they also add bean flour, turmeric and chili to bring the better flavor to the dish. You should ask your Myanmar travel guide about this special food in your trip to Myanmar, so that you will not miss a good chance to enjoy it.
There are still many other dishes that travelers should not miss when visiting Myanmar. However, you also have to follow some rules when eating. Actually, from many Myanmar travel reviews, you can hear or read about them. When you come here, you are only allowed to eat with your right hand. It is because according to Burmese, the left hand is used for personal hygiene. Visitors should aware that Buddhists often avoid beef and Muslims do not eat pork.
Burmese cuisine is an interesting thing that any tourist visiting Myanmar would like to enjoy once in a lifetime. After learning about Myanmar cuisines, you will want to come here to learn more about this interesting culture. Take a look in some Myanmar travel guide first, you will feel more easy to travel to this country.