Mergui archipelago beauty and top things to do in Myanmar

Mergui archipelago is a hidden treasure of Myanrmar(Burma). To whomever likes discovering, visiting Mergui archipelago is among top things to do in Myanmar.

Mergui archipelago beauty and top things to do in Myanmar

Mergui archipelago in general

This beautiful place is also called Pashu in Malayan way. Mergui archipelago is a hidden treasure of Myanmar and a great destination to visit.

You can find on the internet but get nothing on google maps. This is still wild and strange to many people. Located in the south of Myanmar, being a part of Tanintharyi, Mergui keeps its wild nature and beauty.
Mergui has a great diveristy of animals and plants. There are many among them considered rare kinds of animals. It includes 800 islands raging from very small to big one. Some islands has a long coast line lasting for some kilometers.
Moken people are local people here. There are about 2000 Moken living together and earn living by fishing. This will help you have great experiences during your private Myanmar tours.

Things to do in Mergui, Myanmar

1.Visting Mergui on a luxury cruise

Mergui archipelago beauty and top things to do in Myanmar 

Among top things to do in Myanmar, taking a cruise to enjoy beauty of Mergui is great. There are some famous cruises for you to choose such as Dunia Baru, Lamima and Chartered. These can serve many people at high quality and help your journey wonderful. You all can both enjoy good seafood, drink wine and see wild beauty of Mergui archipelago.

2. Kyaking

For anyone like sailing and discover himself, taking a boat and sailing on the ocean is great. You can feel the fresh air, the cool and clean water and even see fish swimming underneath. How great is it to immerse yourself with nature and be close to local life!

3. Seeing wild animals

You can see many wild animals in Mergui archipelago. Some of them are monkeys, deers, tropical birds and even hornbills, wild pigs. They are living in harmony with Moken people and you would not feel scared to be close to them. In this wild archipelago, you can even see Sumatra rhinos at some places such as the Lampi island. For anyone who loves nature, having a Myanmar tour here is of course among their to do list in Myanmar.

4. Visiting the biggest island-Kadan Kyun

This is in front of Mergui island. With its huge area, Kadan Kyun is called the King island instead. This has an area of more than 450 kilometres. How great is it to discover it! You can spend all day long enjoying its beauty and nature life.

5. Spending time in Mali Kyun island

 Mergui archipelago beauty and top things to do in Myanmar

One more things to do in Myanmar during your Mergui trip is to visit Mali island. Mali Kyun, also known as Mali and Tavoy island, is a small island of Mergui archipelago. This is very long, stretching from the north to the south of Mergui. This narrow island has acreage of 99 kilometers. Mali is also the north end island of Mergui.

6. Spending money at Money island

Money island is another name of Ngwe island. This small island is between Sabi and Letsok-aw. Travellers can spend money visiting small bays and wild beaches on Ngwe island. There are some villages to discover, too.

7. Visiting Christie island- south end of Mergui archipelago

Christie island is located to the south of Mergui. This is also the farthest place in the south of Myanmar. Christie island lasts 18 kilometers with wild clean beach. You can easily visit Ko Surin Nuea and Thai-Burmease oceanic border from here. 
In this southern island, travellers can even visit some forests and beautiful landscapes. For a real travellers, you should never miss this during your Mergui, Myanmar day tour to gain great moments.

8. Discovering Moken life

For a great Burma tour, you should visit Merghui archipelago to meet Moen people. They have lived here for long time and go fishing day by day to earn living. You can easily see how great they are with their diving skill. Without any modern equipments, they can dive deeply at 20 meters and catch pearls to sell. 

9. Visiting Lampi island with Marine national park

Mergui archipelago beauty and top things to do in Myanmar 

One more things to do in Mynamar is to get a tour to marine national park in Lampi island. This is the only marine national park of Myanmar, You can not only see Samatra rhinos but also many other creatures. Many kinds of animals are protected here, some of them are in the list of endangered ones. You can see wild life in front of your eyes and be close to them, more than 200 kinds of animals.

10. Diving in Mergui

Mergui island has many beautiful places to visit and dive. Travellers can get to Shark cave to start their trip. From this place, you can have great moments with colorful coral and swim in clean and pure water. You can also rest after diving and walk along The Out Door way to see marine life without worrying being wet by water.
There are many other islands to visit such as Dome island, High Rock, Macleod island, Stewart. You can get more and more experience when visiting this hidden heaven of the world.
Mergui archipelago is new but also not. It is new to travellers, but not new to modern life. Visiting this destination should be in list of things to do in Myanmar to help you get new, unique and fantastic moments!