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Mrauk U is a centuries-old city which is the best for historical Myanmar travel tour. There are hundreds of abandoned temples and pagodas place along northern Rakhine State hilltops create an amazing sight.

Understand Mrauk U

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Temples in Mrauk U

Mrauk U, which means "North Far" seem to be a sleepy village today but not so long ago it was the capital of the Arakan empire where French, Dutch and Portuguese traders visited frequently. The city grew so fast at this time that there are many temples and pagodas were built. As the change the regional trading hub down the Kaladan river to Sittwe in the First Anglo-Burmese War in 1826, Mrauk U went into decline. Now, the isolation makes it lack of development. Nowadays, this city seems like a "forget heaven" peaceful and quiet with many ancient temples and pagodas waiting for tourists from Myanmar tour to explore.

The Stupas And Temples In Mrauk U

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Htukkanthein Temple (Htukkan Ordination Hall)

In the peak time of Mrauk U, the kings, ministers, and peasants built many temples and pagodas around the town to reflect their faith. Even this town is rich in monuments; they are not a "little Bagan," the constructors here are built by stone brick unlike the clay and mud bricks of Bagan. 

The temples and pagodas here are divided into 4 group: Northern, Eastern, Southern and Western. Most monuments were built from Arakan-kingdom-era with unique style put more color to the isolated town. You should know that the monuments don't gather in a place, they scattered in busy hamlets, rounded hillock and green fields. 

The most famous temples in Mrauk U you should see on your Myanmar travel tour are Htukkanthein Temple (Htukkan Ordination Hall), the Shite-thaung Temple (house of 80,000 Images or Temple of Victory), the Koe-thaung Temple (Temple of 90,000 Images), Htukkanthein Temple (Htukkan Ordination Hall), and the Five Mahn pagodas.

Climate & Weather In Mrauk U

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Beautiful view of hills

Mrauk U is situated in a coastal tropical monsoon climate region. It is one of the wettest regions in Myanmar as the town receives over 1,200 millimeters (47 in) of rain per year from the Southwestern Monsoon. There are two seasons in a year, the Monsoon season in late May to mid-October and the Cool Season from mid-October to mid-March. The Cool season coincides with the tourist season for Myanmar package tour. Tourists find it the best time to come to this town because the temperature can drop to 13 °C (55 °F).

How To Get In Mrauk U

It is a long and rough journey from Yangon to Mrauk U; almost people choose a flight from Yangon to Sittwe then go to Mrauk U by road or by boat. Why shouldn't you go by road from Yangonon your private Myanmar tour? You should know, the road is too far, besides some parts of the road are unmade. You will feel exhausted after that long road and don't have any enjoyment to explore this isolated town. 

By boat 

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Travel from Sittwe to Mrauk U by private boat

The first choice to visit Mrauk U from Sittwe is going by boat. This is a contemplative and delightful trip in your Myanmar travels & tours to Mrauk U. You can choose Slow Boat, 5-7 hours journey and you have a long time to enjoy the scenery along the riverside or Express Boat, 2,5-3 hours journey, and you have less time for sightseeing. The price of a Public Speed Boat is 10,000 MMK/pa, the price of Express boat is 20,000 MMK/pax while the price of the Private Speed Boat is based on your negotiation skill and the number of members on your teams. 

Remember, your ticket contains free water, but for a 5 hours journey, you should bring your own food to eat while moving. 

By road

The bus is available from Sittwe to Mrauk U. If you are not interested in going by boat on your Myanmar travel tour, you can go to Mrauk U by road with a 4 – 5-hour on the local bus. The ticket price is 3000Ky, and there are many buses a day for you to move.

Get around

To get around in Mrauk U, you can walk, rent a bicycle from hotels, hire a horse cart or s trishaw. You should know that the Hotels & Guesthouses offer a higher price for village tours, trips, rickshaw hire and bus tickets. You can meet the agent in town or low budget hostels to save your money on your Myanmar tour. Don't forget to ask for the price first and use your negotiation skill to get the lower price.

You should move around in Mrauk U by driving motorcycle because it is illegal for foreigners to drive a motorbike. You cannot pass and military or police check point on the road even at night.

#1 Chin Villages

Take day trips to semi-remote Chin villages and garden villages which are along the nearby Lemro River must be an amazing experience. On Burma tours, You should come here with a guide to communicate with the locals easier and get more information on the road. 

#2 Mahamuni Paya 

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Buddha statue at Mahamuni Paya

This old pagoda is 40 bumpy km north of Mrauk U. Here, there is a small museum near the shrine where you can see by your eyes several ancient artifacts. Come to Mahamuni Paya on Myanmar tours, most visitors impressed by the lively black eyes of the Mahamuni Image. 

If you come with a guide, make sure to ask him to tell the history of how the Mahamuni Buddha statue arrived close to Mandalay. It is a fascinating story. Definitely worth seeing.

#3 Wethali 

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The ancient capital of Wethali

For a two-hour car trip or all day outing bicycle trip, Wethali is a worth seeing site. Even the temple was buried under many mounds; you can see the layout of the palace and the Great Image of Hsu Taung Pre statue. Even it is an ancient village; it was once the former capital of the Arakan Kingdom. 

#4 L Amitié Art Gallery (near Laymyetnha Paya)

The owner of L Amitié art gallery always welcome the tourists of Myanmar travel tour. He also has great knowledge about the Chin Village and Mrauk U area. He loves to promote his knowledge by art. If you are interested in art, you should come to this place to learn more about the awesome local art.

Interesting Temples

The Northern Group

The temples and pagodas in the Northern group are the most famous in structures through the Mrauk U. It is also famous for the magnificent sundown sightseeing. The most interesting thing about this group is you can explore by walking from your hotels as they are really near the center of Mrauk U. 

Shittaung Pagoda 

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  • Shittaung Pagoda: it was built in 1535 to honor the victory of King Min Bin over the 12 provinces of Bengal. Nowadays, some parts of the brick structure around the monument have been encased in concrete. But this still has the same beautiful for you to experience on your Myanmar package tour.

Ratanabon Zedi

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  • Ratanabon Zedi: This is a widespread constructor in Mrauk U with the unusual dark, bell-shaped style, and brick-built. It was built by King Min Khamong and his queen, Shin Htwe in 1612. From the hill, you not only can have the overview of the Ratanabon Zedi but also the dramatic sunset sight. 

Htukkanthein temple

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  • Htukkanthein temple: This temple has a fortress look, place on the high ground and fortified walls with only one entrance and small windows. It was built by King Min Phalaung in 1571. The very first step is highly original then you will meet the chamber spirals clockwise. Keep going ahead through the stone figures and Buddhas to see the Buddha in the main dome. I’m sure that it must be an unforgettable memory in your Myanmar tours.

Andaw-thein Ordination Hall

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  • Andaw-thein Temple: This temple was built between 1515 and 1521 as an ordination hall by King Thazata. As they say, this temple contains a tooth relic of the Buddha coming from Sri Lanka. 

  • Ratana-bon Temple: This temple was built in 1612 by King Min Khamaung and his wife. The story told that there are jewels and images enshrined in its heart, but it is still the myths. 

  • Pitaka Taik: AKA the “Library of Buddhist Scriptures,” it was built in 1591. You don’t need to take shoes off to enter because it is not a temple. 

Some other fascinating sites you must visit on your Myanmar travel tour include Anawma Image, Mahabodhi Shwegu, Lang Bwann Brauk Pagoda, Ratasanrway, and Ratahmankeen. 

The Eastern and Southern Groups:

The temple in this group more spread out than the northern group. But in general, this place is quite fancy for tourists of private Myanmar tour to explore on your tour to Mrauk U. 
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Kothaung Temple

  • Kothaung Temple: This is the most famous temple in Mrauk U. It was built in 1553 by King Mintaikkha as his attempt to surpass his father King Min Bin’s grand effort. The name "Kothaung Temple" refers to the 90,000 Buddha images contained in it.  

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Sakya Manaung Pagoda

  • Sakya Manaung Pagoda: This pagoda is more ornate than other old pagodas in Mrauk U. It was built in 1629 with golden, bejeweled tops and two colorful, sword-bearing figures at its entrance. 

Some other monuments of the eastern and southern group you should visit when you have enough time on your Myanmar travel tour are Pizi Phara, Mong Khong Shwe Pagoda, and Phara Ouk Pagoda. 

The Southern Group

  • Shwe Taung Pagoda: It lays on the highest points in Mrauk U. This seems to be the popular spot for dawn view. 

  • Lattsaykan Gate: This is former main gate entering the city. Nowadays, it just remains a little traces of the outer walls. Visit the gate; you should explore the picturesque stretch of water, Lattsaykan lake place on the other side of the gate. 
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Lattsaykan lake

  • Hilltop Zinamanaung Pagoda: Near the Lattsaykan lake, place a parade name Hilltop Zinamanaung. It's placed in a quiet area surrounding hills and lake. There are many pagodas gather around the pagoda, once can see the shape turn out from the grass and trees, but now, it is hard for tourists from Myanmar travels & tours to point out the shape of them. 

  • Bandoola Kyaung (Sanda Munhni Phara Gri Kyaung Taik) You can read this name on the plate at the entrance. The monastery scatters along the hills, and the tooth relic of Buddha is said to be held in this place. 

Western Group:

Almost the temples and pagodas in this group are small. Try to calculate your time and plan excellently in order to can explore this group.



• Royal City Guest House, Mini Ba Gyi Rd (Around the corner from the Sittwe jetty). Simple rooms, some attached bath. Two concrete rooms across the street. US$10-35. 

• Prince Hotel, Mraund Bwe Road, Alzee Quarter, Mrauk U, ☎ (+9543) 24200 Ext: 50174 (, Bungalow style rooms. US$20-45. 

• Kyawsoe Guesthouse,  Tel 500-03, place on the main road, south of the market before the bridge to the bicycle rental shop. For the prettiest room, with bathroom and two bed inside it is 5$.

• Lay Myoe River Guesthouse, Main Road, Bandoola Quarter, Mrauk U, ☎ + 09 (0) 852 2139. Single and double rooms, No Wi-Fi or breakfast. US$5-10.  

• Golden Star Guesthouse, No. 116, Min Bar Gree Road, near Thakan Hla Lake, ☎ +95 9 49 67 44 72. Singles, doubles, and triples available. No Wi-Fi. US$13-26.  


• Nawarat Hotel, E-27, Yangon-Sittwe-Road, Nyaungpinzay (approx. 200m from the Shitthaung Pagoda), ☎ 951-703885 ( Very friendly, pleasant hotel; air-con, shower/bath tub, WC, refrigerator, TV, clean and beautiful, not too large rooms in bungalows US$38-60 include breakfast. 

• Mrauk U Hotel (Yangon-Sittwe Rd., Nyaungpinzay Qtr., opposite the Narawath Hotel, phone: 23060) - air-con, TV, shower, WC, fridge; very large rooms; large garden; US$30-50

• Vesali Resort Hotel Rooms are bungalow type (near the Shwetaung Hügel; phone: 01-526593, 525609 Fax: 01-526325, E-Mail - including breakfast, US$ 35-45. 


• Mrauk U Princess Resort, Mrauk U, Aung Tat Yat, +95 43 50232

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