Myanmar highlights in a day trip to Kyaing Tong

 Mentioning Burma or Myanmar, people will immediately think of a peaceful country with the beauty of pagodas and religious values. Nowadays, with various Myanmar highlights this beautiful land has become a destination for tourists everywhere in the world to come and visit. Not to mention most famous places in Myanmar such as Bagan, Yangon or Naypyidaw, there are still tremendous sceneries that need exploring throughout this country. In this article, let’s visit a nice and charming town in the middle of Shan State, Kyaing Tong.

Talking more about the position of Kyaing Tong, it is 281 miles from Taunggyi and 102 miles from Tachilek. Getting to Myanmar from this place, tourists can easily catch a taxi to move to Loimwe National Park, which is situated 5,542 feet above the sea level. There are still many tribes in here, but they are learning to join in the society with other modern people, while maintaining the long-time traditions. The roughly precise number is 135 races, but most outstandingly, the Akha, Wa and Lahu are adjusting to the new environment, which is shown through their hospitality in their pretty small villages. 
Kyaing Tong is not only famous for being one of the most outstanding Myanmar highlights, it is also well-known for being the capital of the Golden Triangle in the Southeast Asia, as it shares boundaries with China, Thailand and Myanmar. There is an airport in this town to provide domestic flights for tourists to go conveniently to somewhere else in Myanmar.

Many tourists have come and chosen Taunggyi as the stopover among lots of Myanmar sites. If you have reached there, it is very convenient to take a quick trip to Kyaing Tong as well, as it is just about 456 kilometers from the central town of Taunggyi. The reason why this place has become so famous and attracted tourists from all over the world is that it is located between an extremely picturesque and misty plateau and the poetic Mekong and Thanlwin Rivers. The combination of the two captivating landscapes make up the breathless charm of this town.

The place has been taken into accommodation by many different ethnic minorities in Myanmar such as the Gon Shan, the Lisu, the Lahu, the Akhas and the Wa. As being considered a mountainous area, this is the place for hill tribes and their lives almost base on wildlife totally. As the result, visiting this town in Myanmar with less travel cost, tourists will still surely feel an entirely different atmosphere that nowhere else can have in Myanmar. The inhabitants are very hospitable, and they are also friendly and kind to guide tourists with all their enthusiasm about their hometown and its most outstanding attractions. What is more, this place is also characterized with most famous feature of the country of Burma, with temples everywhere and traditional architectures. From old-designed house to wooden house and even colonial buildings, this places always recalls us about a very memorable time in the past. Having a trip to Kyaing Tong, this is a very good chance for you to experience a thoroughly strange life of Myanmar highlights with tribal dance around the big flame at night, with old people sitting beside the fire and telling others about the very tales of the land. That must be highly exciting to live and explore the live that we have not experienced before, but still feel the sense of belonging like this.

 Waking up early in the morning, you will never feel regretful because of the nice weather and interesting activities in the local morning market. Do not be worry about the money, because you can just go around with Myanmar backpack and enjoy yourself. The market is held by tribal people from all around the surrounding areas. They gather together and exchange their daily products with a very reasonable price. Going after them, you can also get to the pretty villages around, the accommodation of the tribes above. In the altitude of almost 4,000 meters above the sea level, the villages can also be good destination for you as in some short treks. Furthermore, the treks are likely to be suitable to every 
age and fitness.
The climate in Kyaing Tong is typical for the tropical type, as well as typical for Burma tourist attractions. There is not cold season, and the average temperature annually is always high. However, in the winter, there are still some days with chilly wind and it is cool at night so tourists should go to sleep with blanket to protect themselves if going to the town this season. The winter dry season lasts from December to April, while the summer wet is from May to November every year.

Without wonderful and stunning sights like Bagan or Yangon, Kyaing Tong still attracts tourists with its peaceful and simple beauty like many other Myanmar highlights. Having a chance to come to this town, you will have unforgettable moments with new friends from the local tribal villages. With people who enjoy explorations and adventures, the trip to Kyaing Tong is highly suitable. Want to have meaningful moment for a short trip to Myanmar and save money as much as possible? Just consider this once.

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