Myanmar tours: Top 5 most sacred pagodas in Myanmar itinerary.

Myanmar, the country of temples and pagodas, is the place we can not miss to discover the mystery. This writing will help you all get a deep understanding about 5 most scared pagodas. Check it and prepare for your Myanmar tours with great experience.

1. Shwedagon 

Myanmar tours Top 5 most sacred pagodas in Myanmar itinerary. 


This, of course, is the first to be mentioned. During any best Myanmar tours, travellers shoul never miss this. Shwedagon is located in Yangon, Myanmar. This pagoda is well known for its mystery for a long time. Being built 2500 years ago, Shwedagon were fixed many times and at last gets a great architecture like today.


Many say that there are treasure of Buddha in this pagoda. They are the stick of Luu Ton Buddha, the filter of Na Na Buddha, a piece of Ka Diep Buddha’s cloth and 8 hair strings of Thich Ca Buddha. With these treasure, Shwadegon becomes very sacred and important to Myanmar(Burma).


Shwedagon includes 1000 pagodas surrounding. 72 of them are made of rocks with a statue of Buddha inside. Myanmar artists had to work very hard and took long time to carve the wall sophisticatedly. You can even see thousands of gold leaves used to decorate the pagoda. Myanmarese people even used diamonds for this. Of course, this makes Shwedagon the most beautiful pagoda in Myanmar. Do not miss this wonderful experience during your Myanmar tours.

2. Kyaikhtiyo

 Myanmar tours Top 5 most sacred pagodas in Myanmar itinerary.

This pagoda is also called Golden rock pagioda, one of the best places to see in Myanmar. Kyaikhtiyo was built in 574 AD. Togetehr with Shwedagon, Kyaikhtiyo is among the top best places in Asia. 

This Golden Rock pagoda is located on a very huge rock on the moutain. To get there, you have to climb up and reach the height of more than 1000 meters. Many still come here to get a real eperience inside the mysterious pagoda.
Like many pagodas in Myanmar, Kyaikhtiyo is also decorated with many gold leaves. Some Buddha statues have diamonds covering it.  One more special thing for you to know when visiting this pagoda is that there are hundreds of small gold bells inside it. So why not try to discover this beauty in your Myanmar tours?

3. Shwemawdaw Paya

 Myanmar tours Top 5 most sacred pagodas in Myanmar itinerary.

Next sacred pagoda is Shwemawdaw Paya, a great place to visit in your Burma tours. Its long name goes with its history. Shwemawdaw Paya was built 1000 years ago. Now this is the highest pagoda in Myanmar, at the height of 114 meters. The design is very traditional, it has many features of Buddhism.
From a very far distance, you can see the pagoda bathed in the sunshine. With its many gold statues, you can take time to have great pictures and discover their stories. Many come here just to feel the fresh air from a high position. You will be feeling like flying sometimes. Shwemawdaw Paya welcomes you to visit, discover and love!

4. Kuthodaw

Myanmar tours Top 5 most sacred pagodas in Myanmar itinerary. 

Our next suggestion is about Kuthodaw. This is also among things to do in Myanmar. Visiting Kuthodaw, you can see how ancient it is and how sophisticated its design is. This ancient pagoda is located at the foot Mandalay mountain. It was built long time ago when Mindon king was still living. 
A very interesting thing to note is that it has a big ancient rock book with 1460 pages! You can spend many days during your Myanmar tours to read it all. Many even estimate that it takes you 150 day to discover the book in Kuthadaw. How fantastic it is!

5. Sule

Myanmar tours Top 5 most sacred pagodas in Myanmar itinerary.

In any tours in Yangon, all travellers must visit Sule pagoda. Many come to pray, some to discover, and many other to visit its beauty. Sule is located right at Yangon centre, which is a gold destination for toursim to develope. Being built in late XX century, Sule pagoda now becomes a wonderful and sacred destination to visit.

Noone can ignore Sule architecture. Its octagon design is very featured. All parts of the pagoda are carved skillfully and sophisticatedly. This is not an ancient pagoda, but is is a mixture of both ancient and modern. You will never feel disappointed when visiting this.
Well, these top 5 most scared pagodas in Myanmar will help you have such a wonderful Myanmar tours with great experience. Join us on this great adventure!