Ngapali is one of the most well-known beaches of Myanmar with crystal clear water. This beach is also the "must-visit" place with tourists on Myanmar package tour. Let's see how fancy it is.


 Myanmar package tour
White sand beach of dream land Ngapali

Ngapali Beach coast is 175 miles North West of Yangon, place in Rakhine State Rakhine State, Western Myanmar. The name "Ngapali" pronounced Napally, said to be named after the Italian city of Naples "Napoli." It situated in the Bay of Bengal, popular with seven kilometers dream beach with white sand and green palm trees line coast. The crystal sky and see can make you feel pure in your mind. I'm sure to come to this dream beach on your Myanmar tours will be the most worth memory in your entire life.


Ngapali has the tropical climate which has rainfall through the year, even in the driest month. There are two seasons in a year, the winter dry season from November to April, the summer wet season from May to October. The best time to come to Ngapali beach is November to March. Even the weather is really hot, but this is the finest period to visit the sea. You may need a light sweater in case the temperature goes low in the evening. Make sure to check the weather carefully before building your Myanmar travels & tours plan.

Get in 

Even Ngapali is a beautiful beach of Myanmar package tour; there are not so many ways to get there.

By bus

Even the local people may use the bus service from Yangon to Ngapali daily; it must be a nightmare for tourists of Myanmar travel tour. The trip takes about 12-14 hours on very bad roads and lots of stops at immigration points that you cannot sleep during the journey. Besides, you have to take a taxi or motorbike taxi to reach Ngapali beach. The ticket is 10,000kyat single with 10% of the cost of the air fare.

By Plane

Flying is the only great option to get to Ngapali on your private Myanmar tour. There are about 5 flights a day from Yangon in peak season with the price of about $200 return. But out of season, you have to plan your trip carefully to book the ticket because there is only one or two flight a week. 

Get around

 Myanmar package tour
Tuk-tuk in Ngapali road

Although the lanes in Ngapali are not as good as the lanes in a big city such as Yangon or Mandalay, the vehicles here are so diverse, and you can choose the best one to move on your Myanmar package tour.

#1 Motorbikes: Driving motorbike is not allowed for foreigners, even with an international driving license. You have to get Burmese driving license to drive in Ngapali on your Myanmar tour.  

#2 Tuk-tuk or pick-up truck: There are two popular transport vehicles for you to move around on your Myanmar travel tour to Ngapali include tuk-tuk and a pick-up truck. You have to pay for around MMK300.00 to get to Jade Taw fishing village and around MMK500.00 to get to Thandwe. 

#3 Bicycles, e-bikes, and quads: which are provided by the hotels and local restaurants must be the ideal choices to go around with the reasonable price. 

#4 Long-tail boats: to go to different beaches and islands on your Myanmar package tour.

Activities Around The Beach

Scuba diving  in Ngapali

Myanmar package tour

Ngapali is a prime choice for tourists of Myanmar travels & tours who love the beach because of the quiet rural surroundings, white sand, crystal sea, Rakhine ways of life, local fishing style, etc.

Come to Ngapali on your Myanmar tour, you must think about relaxing and lazing under the palm trees. But there are many exciting activities you should try such as taking trips on local fishing boats; snorkeling, kayaking or scuba diving amongst the brightly colored fish; going on two wheels down the beach and around some of the local villages.

This beach also has an 18-hole golf course located between the airport and the main beach resorts. During the monsoon season, surfing is possible water sport. You should think carefully if come to Ngapali in monsoon, because it can rain for extended periods of time, and the currents can be dangerously strong.

Fishing villages

 Myanmar package tour
People in fishing village 

Come to the Ngapali dream beach on your Myanmar package tour; you shouldn't miss the chance to visit fishing villages of Jate Taw (Gyeik Taw) which are in the south of the hotels. This place gives you the totally different atmosphere and people from the resorts of Ngapali. But these fishing villages are in danger of being consumed by extension of hotels. You can get there after some minutes going on foot because the fishing village is about two or three kilometers down the beach from the hotels. 

Go ahead to the south; you will see the traditional rural Myanmar existence live in the next bay. As the isolation, they almost have not been affected by the modern life. To explore this ethnic group, you have to hire a bicycle for around K2000/hour, motorbike for around K3000/hour or take it in as part of a fishing boat tour. Come to this village on your Myanmar travel tour to explore the new life and get the risk of the modern life things; you will get the hands of nature fix all your pain.

Boat tours

 Myanmar package tour
Tilawkasayambhu Buddha statue

You can ask to go to the fishing villages or islands off the coast or go snorkeling on boat tours. You also can visit the Tilawkasayambhu Buddha laid on a hilltop at the end of the bay to the south of Ngapali. It is a fancy journey because of panoramic views over the bay and the currents. And don't forget to enjoy the sunset in the sea when you have a chance to go on Myanmar package tour, I'm sure that you can't forget this majestic sense in your entire life. 

Hot air ballooning

 Myanmar package tour
View from hot air ballooning to the untouched jungles

Riding the hot air balloon at the break of dawn, you have the chance to experience the different beauty of Ngapali beach while your vision is much farther. There is no better way to enjoy your trip; you can see over the coast line of the Bay of Bengal drifting gently over untouched hills and jungles and around such as villages, golden pagodas, and temples, the graceful Kissapanadi river meandering through the old colonial town of Thandwe. 

The ballooning season in Ngapali is from November to the end of March; you can book your trip online at the price of US$275 per person. 

Bike tours 

Myanmar package tour 
A photo shoot in Thandwe

Half-day and full-day rafting tours or cycling tours with good quality mountain bikes and guides are also available in the Ngapali area on your Myanmar travels & tours. The town of Thandwe once called Sandoway in colonial times located seven kilometers inland from Ngapali, has some pagodas and a busy market where you should visit on two wheels. You also can reach the Tilawkasayambhu Buddha by motorbike or bicycle. After going all the way through to the end of the bay in the south of Ngapali, up to the hill, come to the final section which is fairly steep and rocky. You can see the Buddha from the entire bay. Enjoy your trip, and adventurous feeling after long journey then come back to the beach to rest.

Eat and drink 

 Myanmar package tour
Seafood platter in Ngapali beach

Fresh fish and seafood are the main dishes here. Go along the road, you can see many restaurants offer similar menus, but you should try the coconut prawn curries which have different preparation and taste in each restaurant, but always delicious. You can choose among basic Burmese, Thai, and Chinese dishes for your dinner on your private Myanmar tour. In resorts, you also can see some basic Western items in menus. The good news is the price of all the items is low even in the resorts.


To rent hotel around Ngapali on your Myanmar package tour is easy if you have clear knowledge in this place. Booking the room almost can be done online. Sometimes, you can see the hotel out of the room, but when you come to this hotel, there is empty room for your team. To make sure that you can rent an empty room to sleep, you should call ahead. 

The price of hotel and resort are affordable. The Banyan hostel 2 is about $20 for a dorm. It is located on a more local beach near the airport. You also can get two double rooms for $40 each in an art gallery approaching the main beach or Laguna lodge at the far end of the beach.  

• Pleasant View Resort, S-5, North Wing of AungSan Stadium, Mingalar Taung Nyunt Township, Yangon., ☎ +95 1 393 086, +95 1 023 61, +95 9 731 603 ( Accommodation provides with 14 Two Storey Deluxe Bungalow, ten Deluxe Bungalows, and two Family Deluxe Bungalows. All rooms are beach front sea view deluxe room. 

• Bayview - the beach resort, 84, Pan Hlaing Road, Sanchaung Township, Yangon, ☎ +95 1 504471 (fax: +95 1 526 292),  Bayview is a four-star-boutique hotel. 45 deluxe bungalows and rooms including 2 suites are all located either in a beautiful exotic garden or directly at the beach. The Sunset Bar is busy for dinner, serving international, reservation recommended, and Pan-Asian cuisine and also the freshest fish and seafood at reasonable prices. The Sunset Bar also offers a selection of International wines.  

• Amazing Resort, ☎ +95 1 203 500. 

• Royal Beach Hotel, 201, Bo Myat Htun Street, Botahtaung Township, Yangon., ☎ +95 1 294 612, +95 1 200 883.  

• Silver Beach Hotel, S-8, North Wing of Aung San Stadium, Mingalar Taung Nyunt Township, Yangon. 

• Hilton Ngapali Resort & Spa, 2 Airport St, Zee Phyu Gone Village, Thandwe, 11221, ☎ +95-4342291. The resort hotel is very close to the airport with all the warmth of a western chain. Small gym, large rooms with balconies overlooking landscaped lagoons, lovely infinity pool overlooking the ocean. Fast internet. While pricey, the bar program a step above the average.  

• Amata Resort, Corner of West Race Course Rd & Sayasan Road, Yankin Township, Yangon., ☎ +95 1 542 535, +95 1 544 736, +95 1 559 292.  

• Sandoway Resort, Mya Pyin Village, Ngapali Beach, Thandwe, Rakhine State, ☎ (+951) 298934, [3]. One of the earliest hotel and the best one on the beach. Villa Beach Front and Sea View located next on the beach with great view.  

Now pick your backpacker and go on Myanmar tour to explore the myths!


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