Rough guide Myanmar with 6 most wanted dishes by tourists

When going to visit any country, one of the most attractive and interesting things for tourists is the cuisine culture. In this article, let’s come to Myanmar and discover the most wanted dishes in this Asian traditional country through this list of rough guide Myanmar

 Lephet thoke (green tea salad)

Mentioning the country of golden pagodas, we cannot ignore the specialty Lephet – fermented green tea leaves. This can be considered light meal or appetizer. Green tea leaves are fermented so they are slightly sour and bitter. The Burmese people mix these leaves with sliced cabbage, tomatoes, fried tofu with some garlic oil and chili pepper slices. All of them make this food special and a Myanmar highlight for tourists. However, with this dish, you should not eat too much because it can cause sleeplessness. 

Nga htamin (rice with fish)

This dish is also called Shan rice. This is a unique dish of the Shan people in Myanmar. The main ingredients of this dish contain: rice cooked with yellow turmeric water and put on a round plate before adding a slice of fish above, garlic oil is poured above with some spices including peppercorn and chili pepper. The dish is served with fried greaves, which bring about the greasy and fragrant taste. Rice made in Shan style is the favorite food for people who love spicy dishes. They also sprinkle a mixture of leek, clove leaves and fried pork skin to make the dish more eye-catching. This is only a rough guide Myanmar, so you cannot imagine how amazing the dish is if you have not tried it.


This is a traditional food in Myanmar. There are many types of spices and herbs of the native speakers. All the types of meat from pork, beef, sheep meat, shrimps to fish can be used with curry. You can find it in any eating house in Myanmar so never skip it when talking about your Myanmar travel budget. This dish is also unique as it is served with Ngapi ye – a sauce made from fish and Balachung. This bowl of sauce which brings the spicy, sweet taste from chili pepper, dry garlic and shrimps. Curry is an interesting and tasty dish in Myanmar. After the meal, you will be served with a traditional dessert of Myanmar, which is the tea made from palm tree and it is used with kinds of seeds.