The most suitable season for tourist when getting to Myanmar

Myanmar is known as a mysterious land with long-time traditional values. They are shown through antique architectural structures drowning in fog every morning in Bagan. Together with it is the majestic beauty of Yangon and the surprisingly peaceful sights around Inle Lake. However, many people are not very clear about the best time when choosing getting to Myanmar, especially for a particular place that they may have chosen. This article with provide you with useful guide for an interesting trip to Myanmar.
The most suitable season for tourist when getting to Myanmar

You may or may not know that this pretty country has the shape resembling a diamond. Its land spreads over 925 kilometers from the East to the West and 2,100 kilometers from the North to the South. Myanmar is bordered with many different countries such as India, Thailand, China… and the Indian Ocean. Because of the characteristics related to the terrains and geological position, One of the best way to travel in Myanmar is understand fully about its features related to weather and climate. This place has the tropical climate with three main special seasons: dry season, rainy season and cold season.
The hottest time in Myanmar is between early February to May. From May to October, it is often rainy in the country during a long period of time. Therefore, the time is considered the rainy season of Myanmar. The climate is the mostly dry and cold with cool fresh air from October to the early February. It is the time for the autumn in Myanmar with many beautiful Myanmar sites open for tourists.
In the summer or dry seasons, it is quite hot and uncomfortable when getting to Myanmar. The harshest time for the climate is from March to May. During this time, the temperature is very high, so it is not very suitable for trips to see the outstanding architectural structures in Myanmar. However, don’t worry if you want to visit this country in this time, Ngapali beach is a suitable destination for you to spend time in.
The most suitable season for tourist when getting to Myanmar 

Ngapali is considered the most beautiful beach in Myanmar. You can easily book a place through any Myanmar travel tour website. The coastal line is 7km long with crystal clear and blue water. Besides, it also has peaceful waves, white sand dulls and green range of coconut trees along the beach. Coming to visit Ngapali beach, you can also have a chance to enjoy unique and plentiful seafood which will impress visitors from the first time trying.
The autumn starts from the late of October to February. During the time, the weather is always cool and hardly does it have rain. According to top best Myanmar books for travel, it is considered the most favorable season in the year for tourism. The following suggests the most loved places for tourists in a trip to Myanmar in the autumn.

Shwedagon Golden Pagoda


The most suitable season for tourist when getting to Myanmar

With the age over 2,500 years, located in the ancient capital Yangon, this pagoda is seen as the golden symbol and the most sacred place in Myanmar. The ancient architecture with entire surrounding gilded can create the majestic and magnificent beauty for the sight. No wonder why getting to Myanmar, this pagoda is always on the top best destinations chosen by tourists worldwide when mentioning Burmese tourism.

The Golden Rock Pagoda

The most suitable season for tourist when getting to Myanmar

It is a very singular place for tourism in Myanmar. The pagoda is located on the top of a gilded Rock on Kyaiktiyo Mountain. The special feature is there is no constructed connection between the rock with the mountain top, and the rock seems to be roll down at any time, and many visitors are afraid of their Myanmar travel safety. However, for hundred years, the structure is still very firm and Burmese people are always proud when mentioning this religious structure. It is a harmonious combination of the nature and the clever hands of human to create such flawless masterpiece. If you have a chance to come to visit this pagoda, you will never forget the feeling to contemplate this unique scenery and cannot bear taking some shots of photos.

Bagan – the land of fog

The most suitable season for tourist when getting to Myanmar

Built by Bagan Kings for many centuries, Bagan has a variety of ancient and mighty Buddhist architectural pagodas and temples. There are estimated over 2,200 pagodas left these days. This number used to be 13,000 according to the last arctical.

This is one of the largest archaeological sites in the worlda,d also the top attractive Myanmar tourist sites. When waking up early in the morning, do not miss a chance to take a walk around Bagan. The city is like drowning in the blanket of fog, which is the most beautiful moment that every tourist wants to save for a trip to Myanmar.

Of course, Myanmar has more than that to discover. And even if you come here in any time of the year, there are always interesting places for you to visit. However, hopefully this article would have provided you with the most suitable suggestions so that you would have a more exciting and memorable travel when getting to Myanmar, a pretty country.