Top 4 Myanmar attractions must be in list of a smart visitor!

 Myanmar is known as a very famous country with its mysterious beauty. We do not need to talk to much but you know that many tourists say Yes to come to visit this country every year. This Asia country now becomes more and more attractive to foreigners. So what do you know about Myanmar? Let’s note top 4 attractions of Myanmar with us.

 1. Country of Buddhism

Never strange if you see many many temples and pagodas here. Burma people believe in Buddhism, so they want to pray and share their much time of life for this religion. 
There are many places for you to choose to come, from huge pagodas till small ones in the villages. Myanmar is known as the country of pagodas, that’s why it is safe to go to Burma, where people are kind and friendly.  We can mention many famous pagodas such as Shwedagon in Yangon, Maha Muni in Mandalay, Swezigon in Bagan... 
The distance from one temple or pagoda to another is not much so tourists can rent a bycle to ride around the city. It is also easy for you to take photos with monks in Myanmar, because there are many monks in the pagodas and they are friendly, too. To spend time here, you should prepare food and water because it may take time to talk with them.
You should also prepare sandals, high heels should be left at home, Burma people will not let you wear shoes or high heel to come inside there pagodas. It is not polite and they feel uncomfortable. So to save time and be a smart visitor, good preparation is what you need; and might be an experience tour guide will add some flavours toyour trip.

2. Men wear dress.

You may laugh when thinking of a man in dress, but in fact, there are many countries where men use dresses like women. If you come here, in Myanmar, it is not strange for you to catch this scene. This is also the reason why you should travel to Myanmar, to see what you have never ever seen before.
This habit is because of the weather. Hot weather in Myanmar is the reason why they have to use long dress instead of trousers as usual. Long dress used for Burma is call longyi. It is very simple just with long cloth worn around your waist, but of course, you need help to wear this carefully. Customers can buy longyi at many shops along the street, easy to find and not expensive to buy one. You will feel it is really convenient and useful. Please remember to list this in your notebook before going. 
Burma people call longyi which is use for women with another name, tamain. Women in tamain is very traditional. Not like other country, where traditional dress is only worn on special days, Myanmar people use there traditional dress all days all year, that’s really one of the top Myanmar attractions to visitors.There are many patterns on it and the way to tight is also different from men’s way. You can ask som assistants to help you if you are strange to this. 

3. Myanmar natural cosmetic : Thanaka

Myanmar do not use cosmetic like other countries, they have their own way for this. It is very great to try this way: save money, safe, and easy to buy and use. Sometimes, people even use this for their joy. Thanaka is a traditional power of Myanmar. Burma take thanaka around the year. This power help people feel cool and be safe from hot weather. 
Many vistiors travelling to Burma from uk, us and other countries are very attractive of this power. If you have chance to come to this country, don’t miss to buy some as gifts for your wife, your lover and your mom. They will appreciate because they can’t find any other places for this.

4 Kayan ethnic minority

Myanmar have many ethnic minority and one of the most popular reason why visit Burma is of its own ethnic minority: Kayan. This minority lives around  Inle lake, a very peaceful and romantic  destination. Kayan people share their own opinion about beauty. They see women with long neck are very pretty, that why their costume is strange to us. When a girl is at 5 years old, she is talk to wear necklaces. Time goes by and their neck is longer because of heavy necklaces. They wear this until they are old and die. 
If you want to come and go and have your own collection of great pictures, this place is where you should go. Every year, there are many tourists just come to see how Kayan live and take photos of them. 
Booking a tour to see more places of Myanmar will not take much time. You can enjoy Myanmar life with ancient buildings, great parks, great street food and peace here. How long to spend in Myanmar? One week will be enough for you to get experiences. Now Myanmar is trying much to help foreigners in taking visa to come here. You can also use many kinds of transports to move , come and go, cheap and great. 
There are many other beauties of Myanmar that we can not mention here, these are Myanmar top attractions that appeal many tourists around the world. Do not think too much but take your bag and go, book a tour and start your adventure, welcome !