Top 5 Yangon travel tips you must know before starting your adventure.

 Yangon, capital of Myanmar, one of the most famous destinations in Myanmar, is now more and more popular to all over the world. Every year, streams of people come to visit its beauty of ancient and modern buildings, special street food and many of pagodas. So what to prepare for your trip to Myanmar? These Yangon travel tips will be very useful for visitors.

 1.Clothes: Longyi

When travelling to somewhere, we often think much about clothes to wear. So what to wear in Myanmar? Weather in Myanmar is very hot, and it hot all around the year. That is why Burma men use dress like women instead of trousers. Dress for men is called longyi, and tamain is used for women. Both longyi and tamain are long cloths tighted around your waist, but the way to tight is different.
You can find many shops selling longyi and tamain all the time. People in Myanmar use this traditional dress all days, all year, which is very different from other countries. This traditional dress is a part of their life, very close to them. It is not only to make them feel more comfortable and easy to move, but also a special costume to distinguish Myanmar with others. 
It is not strange to see many both young and old, men and women using longyi and tamain on the street. Tourists also try this much to have a new experience. Many even take much photos and add their great pictures to their Burma guide books. It helps others much.


2.Money: new cash

Economy in Myanmar is not very strong, and it is quite difficult to find ATM or charging money. So the best way for you to stop stuff things is to bring cash with you everywhere, everytime you get out. Shopping at the supermarket will take long time if you do not have cash with you. This is very important. This Yangon travel tip will help you much during your trip. 
One more thing, also important and may strange to you: new cash is better than old one. Why? In other country, one dollar, no matter it is new or old, clean or dirty, it is the same. But in Myanmar, clean and new money is charged more than bad ones. You do not believe me? Try one time and see what you get.
Money of Myanmar is called Kyat. They have 1 Kyat to 5000 Kyat cash, but 5000 one is not often. So if you want to exchange 100 dollar, you will have a heavy pocket with many small Kyat cash. 


Myanmar believe that it is not polite and bad when wearing shoes or high heel when visiting their pagodas, where they pray to their god. Myanmar is an Asia country famous for its many pagodas, from huge to small ones. You can drive short distance to visit many temples during your Yangon trip.  People here use sandals to make it easy for their life and habits. Every day, they spend time to visit their god even they are busy, so it is difficult and will take time when using shoes or high heel instead. This Yangon travel tips should always be in your list, men!
If it is great and polite to wear suit with bright black shoes in our opinion, so your vie will change when you come here. No shoes, even on important occasion, sandals are Myanmar friends forever. That is why visiting Myanmar will save your time to come and go, more time for you to discover its beauty. 

4. Kiss sound for beer

Do not just sit and wait for anyone, you can’t be enough with just one cup of beer! Make a kiss sound will help you much in this case. Burma call beer in this way make many tourists feel strange, but it makes life better, right? You can hear kissing sound at many places, all days. 
The weather in Myanmar is hot, so people tend to drink much of beer. Cost for beer is very cheap, you can call Myanmar beer , the most popular one in this country. Take a sit, rest some minutes during your visiting time, drink beer and see how life is going on. How peaceful! Can you visit Burma and enjoy life with us?

5.Use right hand to eat

Using both hand to eat is of course easier, faster. So why  you can only use right hand to eat in Myanmar? Please listen carefully, be a smart tourist, or vice versa, a bad one? Your hands make this. Burma  believe that right hand is clean and clear, and it is polite and good to use this hand when eating. So remember in your mind: Right hand right hand, if you see any Myanmar sites, never left hand is using to eat. 
Left hand is only for doing personal hygiene, do you think so ? But Myanmar think like that. This is really what you must remember. Please find more and carefully if you really want to start your trip.
Now, there are many ways to find great tips whenever you want to travel,  Myanmar guide books, Myanmar travel blogs, tour guide companies,… These 5 Yangon travel tips are what we really appreciate and want to share with you, hope you have great experiences with us!