Top special Buddha statues in Myanmar- Best Myanmar tours tips

Myanmar(Burma) is very well-known for its temples and pagodas, There are many Buddha statues inside all of these golden places. This will help you have a full review of the 8 Buddha statues to prepare for your best Myanmar tour ever.

Top special Buddha statues in Myanmar- Best Myanmar tours tips

1.Hidden Buddha statue

In this land of Gold, there is hidden Buddha statue many do not know. This is inside Shwedagon in Yangon. It’s name means Golden Yangon, but many ignore it. Why? In fact, it was a gift from a General. And the face of the statue is similar to the face of his. So not many care about it, and not many know it, either.

2.Blue eye Buddha statue

This is a very huge statue in Shwedagon pagoda. The statue is a Buddha lying with its eyes open and looking down. It is something special because the eyes of the Buddha are blue like real ones. It is 65 meters in length and up to 16 meters high. This has another name as Chaukhtatgyi Paya. You can see many local people gathering to pray and meditate. You can book a Yangon tour and get to Yangon center to enjoy this. 

3.Buddha statue in armor

Top special Buddha statues in Myanmar- Best Myanmar tours tips 

This special Buddha statue is in Ngadatkyi Paya. This is a famous ancient pagoda in Myanmar. If you want to have the best Myanmar tour ever, you can visit this big Buddha pagoda in Yangon. The statue wears gold clothing with other protectors such as shield. This creates a feelling that the Buddha statue is wearing an armor. If you come to Myanmar and ask about the Buddha wearing armor, almost everyone can answer and show you the way.

4.Golden toad Buddha statue

This statue is located in Mahamuni pagoda. It is at south west of Mandalay city. You can get a taxi or rickshaw to get there. The statue surface is very rough like toad skin. So many call it the Golden toad Buddha statue. In Mahamuni, people have a festival called washing Buddha face. The best time for you to travel from Yangon to Mandalay is in February, right in the time of the festival.

5.Golden block Buddha statue

This name comes from the shape of the statue. 5 Buddha statues are normal like any others. But time passes by and many gold leaves are pasted on, which make these 5 statues change the shape like 5 blocks. 

To visit these 5 strange Buddha statues, you can get to Phung Dau 00 pagoda in Inle lake. You can both spend time visitting Inle and enjoy great moment in this pagoda, it will give you the best Burma tour ever. You can visit Inle in October, when the festival is celebrated.

6.Sweating Buddha statues

Top special Buddha statues in Myanmar- Best Myanmar tours tips

These sweating Buddha statue are in black. They are Buddha statues in Pindata cave pagoda. The reason for this name is because travellers can not paste their gold leaves on, so they think it is because of something mysterious. In fact, because the statues are in a cave with humid air, that causes the statues to “sweat”. Besides these two black sweating Buddha statues, you can also see many more among 800 statues in different styles,  sizes and shapes.

7.Smiling Buddha statue

If you visit Ananda pagoda during your Myanmar tour, you should spend time visitting this smiling Buddha statue. Ananda is among top 4 ancient pagodas left in Myanmar. It is buit in Myanmar and in India style. There are 4 big statues in this pagoda. The smiling one is facing south, named Kassapa. The statue’s smile is very bright, which is strange and special in Myanmar.

8.Imprisoned Buddha statue

How can a Buddha statue be imprisoned in such a Buddhist country like Myanmar? Oh, do not misuderstand just because of the name. This is a very big statue, but it is inside a narrow room, as if it were imprisoned. This is reffered to the Manuha King’s story, the imprisoned king.

Top special Buddha statues in Myanmar- Best Myanmar tours tips 

The pagoda of the imprisoned Buddha statue is Manuha, an ancient pagoda in Bagan. It was buit in 1067 by the Manuha king. This is a way for the Manuha king to express his feelling when being in prison. You can get a Myanmar day tour to Bagan to listen to the full story. 

One special thing is that although this statue is imprisoned, you can still see a smile on its face.

Of course, there are many other Buddha statues to visit in Myanmar. But surely that to have your best Myanmar tour, missing great Buddha statues is impossible.