Visiting Mogok to make your Myanmar tours become intereting

 Mogok is famous for the largest quantities of ruby all over the world. Since its tourism opening up in 2013, there are more and more people coming to this ruby land, which means that it has become the most attractive tourism destination for Myanmar tours. You should not miss a  chance to this must-to-visit place.

In Myanmar, Mandalay is the ideal starting place in your tours to Mogok Valley. At first, it will take tourists around 5 hours to reach Thabeikkyin. You can enjoy local markets and jetty while travelling along the Ayeyarwaddy River. The Mother Nature also treat you well with picturesque jungle covering ranges of mountain or some fascinating villages as stops. 
After an 2-hour drive. Mogok will be reached around late hours in the afternoon. You should end up the first day strolling through local houses and catching a panoramic view of appealing Mogok valley. When you have reached the destination, do not forget to discover markets, mining industry and slopes full of trees. 

On the second day, a street market is highly recommended for tourists to visit during Myanmar tours. There are gems traders getting around, and you can find out an insight and the history among generations of traders. You should buy many types of beautiful stones as souvenirs. At the end of the day, there is a big market in which you will see more beautiful works. You will be guided to visit a family-run workshop and see how they create valuable products from rubies and gemstones. 

Just try to find out local mines and you can learn how interesting the methods of mining are. The second day will finish when you have visited some famous Mogok pagodas. This is a chance for tourists to enjoy peaceful and relaxing walks through small villages.
The third day starts with hiking to minority villages in Lisu. You will then visit some Buddhist monasteries which were erected in the honour of Nan Kyi. These are most attractive with a lot of huge rubies and golden gems used for decoration.  There are also many gems and valuable jewely collected from local people.

You can ask your guide to show you how to make gemstone paintings. 
At the end of your journey, you will be driven back to Mandalay. Take time and enjoy some interesting things in this beautiful city. 
Useful tips:
Beside Mogok, you can visit more places like Shewdo, Pyin Oo Lwin and Kyaukse during Myanmar tours. These destinations offer tourists historic ruins and tribal culture.