Myanmar facts & figures

Myanmar (Burma) is an untold story in Asia. After a long time isolated from the globalized world, now beautiful Myanmar is stepping out of a chequered past into a new era of hope and optimism. In the nation also known as Burma, in the past, visitors can expect to be dazzled by shimmering cities of gilded temples, enlivened by emerald green landscapes and humbled by the warm smiles of gracious villagers. We will help you out to prepare for the tours to Myanmar now
myanmar best beach and time to go

Top Myanmar Beaches & Best Time for Beach Holidays

Myanmar beach is rather different from ones in SE Asian country. Beaches in Myanmar (Burma) is very beautiful, untouched, and
Myanmar Rivers

Mother Rivers of Myanmar

Myanmar is a country rich of rivers and delta regions. There are four foremost rivers crossing the country, comprising Irrawaddy,
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  • Myanmar (Burma) Country Quickview
    Stretching from the sparkling islands of the Andaman Sea in the south right up into the Eastern Himalayan mountain
  • Myanmar currency and money exchange
    Card usage is not accepted in Myanmar, that sentences used to be widely known for past few years to tourists
  • Burma - Myanmar Culture & History
    Sharing borders with China, Bangladesh, India, Laos and Thailand, Burma is characterised by a horseshoe of mountains and hills
  • Burmese (Myanmar) People
    With ethnically diversity, Myanmar (Burma) has 135 distinct ethnic groups acknowledged by the government, in which there are 8 officially national races,
  • HIT Myanmar Tours hotels 2017 - 2018
    Whatever the settings is, your comfortable and memorable trips to Myanmar is our utmost priority. We guarantee that all our hotels/resorts selected