Prepare for Myanmar Traveling in Water Festival

Thingyan, Myanmar Water Festival, takes place toward the end of the hot, dry season and ushers in the Myanmar New Year. This biggest festival is the best chance for travellers who are seeking for authentic images of Asia

Water Festival Timing and Meanings?

Water festival is also known as Thingyan festival that is originated from the Buddhist version of a Hindu myth. Annually, water festival goes to mid April. This is the biggest festival in a year of Burmese. All people is off from their work to reunite with families and pay their careness to elder people. 
Water festival is held in one of the hottest time with a meaning of using water to wash out bad lucks, so that good lucks to come.
>> Thingyan Eve (14 April): this day is for many religious activities. And by nightfall, locals start their real fun time of festival by starting music, song and dance.
>> Water festival day (15 April): This day was taken because it was the day Thingyan truly arrives as Thagyamin makes his descent from his celestial abode to earth. 
>> Water festival day (16 April): this day is Thagya Min returns to the heavens, the last day of the water festival. During water festival, the government also relaxes some restrictions of gathering.
>> New Year Day (17 April): This day is for local visiting elder people and relatives. Younger people often perform hair washing for the elder in traditional manner with shampoo beans (Acacia rugata) and bark.

How the overall settings of Myanmar Water Festival?

The offices are closed, banks are closed too. There is no public transport as well as major private transport companies are also off. That means there is hardly overnight buses to connect long distances.
There are no train operating during those days, even you are well ready to take the hardest train journey – possibly all over Asia.
The sole point sounds good in transportation is domestic airlines working. But the ticketing offices are closed. Booking flights in advance are extremely advised.
Restaurants are closed, too. The best choice is eating at your hotels, inns or hostel because those accommodation types keep open.

Travel to Myanmar in Water festival – Yes or No?

No – there are many reasons to say “NO”
  • The high possibility of services insufficiency may happen more often. That may lead to some surcharges from hotels or services quality downgrade. 
  • You may get trouble in finding suitable modes of transport while domestic flights may beyond budget limits.
  • Delays in flights or documentary processing such as Visa approval may incur and make effects to your plan.
Yes – there are many MORE reason to say “YES”
  • This is the biggest festival in Myanmar (Burma) - yes, one single in a year
  • One of the most fascinating festivals in Asia and most typical ceremony in tropical, hot country.
  • Witness or even join in preparing activities with busy atmosphere.
  • Music, song and dance all night long to welcome the most important day of festivals.
  • There is no worries, no difference but just HAPPY.
  • Get into a “water fight”. There is no boundary between foreigners and locals.
  • Enjoying for unique experience in a year is definitely worthy to scarify some usual comfort.
Tips to travel in water festival
  • Booking in advance few weeks or even month ahead will settle down the services insufficiency issue.
  • Travel by air whenever and wherever possible but stay still a day BEFORE and AFTER the festival time as the transportation services are flocked up by locals.
  • Make sure to get your Visa done BEFORE festival time.
  • Prepare for plastic bags or waterproof items to protect your electronic devices.
  • Plenty of easy-to-dried clothes to alter several times.
  • Prepare yourself mind to get involved in the biggest festival in the year and accept for all possible services changes and alternatives.
Water festival coincides with Easter holiday in Western countries. Are you ready to get wet in Easter holiday with HIT Myanmar? Drop us an email at or contact us for more information here.

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