Electric System in Myanmar (Burma)

Prepare for your Myanmar tours will not be completed if you fail to keep your electronic items full charged. Your phone shut down when in emergent calls, your camera running out of battery when you are facing stunning views etc. just because you forget to bring with correct adapter. This guide will give you an insight view of Myanmar electric plugs for your best preparation of your Myanmar holiday.

Once a British colonial country, Myanmar electrical system has not changing much since the old time. Travelling to this beautiful country require some attention so that you would be able to enjoy the best moment without worrying about power shortage or cut-off.
Most of hotels will normally have two different sockets with many having the UK 3 flat pin as well as a 2 round pin. The electrical voltage is 220 – 230V and frequency is 50 Hz.
Below are some photo of electrical plugs for visual imagination:

Type 1:


This is a two-wire plug and has two round pins. It is popularly known as the Euro-plug and widely use internationally. Except in United Kingdom and Ireland. In Myanmar, this type of plug is sometimes find in local house only.
(Picture from: https://www.quantumbalancing.com/worldelectricity/electricityif.htm)

Type 2:

This plug has three large round pins in a triangular pattern and it was originally used in Great Britain before 1962. This type is normally used for big device/machine like fridges, air-conditions… uncommon in Myanmar hotel.

Type 3: 

This type of plug is quite common in most hotel in Myanmar with 3 rectangle pins (1 is above and 2 flat) or 2 flat pins. The hotels booked by HIT Indochina are generally having this type of sockets.