Experiencing A Day at Plateau of Bagan Myanmar

If you have little time exploring Burma, we suggest the plateau of Bagan. This site is famous for its poetic atmosphere, sounds, and colors. That is why we believe this will offer you an unforgettable Myanmar day tour
The plateau of Bagan (Myanmar) wakes up in the tranquil footsteps of monks who are going from home to home for alms. Instead of hiding itself amongst bush forests, Bagan spreads across an area of dozens of kilometers, with more than 2,000 monasteries and pagodas. 

Myanmar Plateau Bagan
Monks go from home to home for alms in the early morning.

The extraordinary temples of Bagan temples were erected under the reign of King Anwrahta In the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Pagan, between the 11th and 13th centuries. During this period, Myanmar saw a transition in religion from Hindu and Theravada Buddhism, which is the principal form of religion of the city nowaday.

At sunrise, red dust rises up into the air, following footsteps, slow moves of bikes and ding-dong sounds of horse wagons. During the dry season, yellow leaves fall down on and fill two sides of pathways. The extreme heat from the sun makes soles of feet burn in the sand, while the pagodas made from red soil seem to be in flames. The weather also brings a new breath into skies and trees. Admiring such beautiful scenery is worth being what to do in Myanmar.

There is no entry fee for each site, but tourists have to buy tickets as soon as they reach the city gate. All you have to pay is 10 dollars. Parades of tourists take a round-the-city tour on horse wagons. The first destination is Old Bagan, an ancient temple with sophisticated glyphs. It has remained stable through thick and thin for such a long time. Belonging to Southern Buddhism, the relics of Bagan and Angkor Wat are the two most outstanding symbols of unique architecture and historical importance. Consequently, a day tour is probably not enough to explore Bagan of Myanmar.

 Myanmar Plateau Bagan
Bagan is one of the best places to visit in Myanmar.

Through cruises in Myanmar, you will learn that the glorious ancient civilization still stays with modern people during their daily life. Roads are full of red dust up in the air whenever horses run by. Nice hikers give way for vehicles. Children go to school on unstable bikes. Kids wave happily at tourists. And temples stand still at the two sides of the huge plateau for a lifetime. The sounds of “Mingalarbar... Mingalarbar... Mingalarbar...” (Hello! Hello!...) make red roads more alive.

Hot weather seemingly pushes tourists who are traveling by horse wagon to exhaustion. The sounds of horse walking make the tranquility of the red noon more appealing. The Wind is blowing and the temples have just appeared in the sun, behind tree branches. Heading for Sulamani Temple, tourists can have a beautiful lunch with cakes which still keep the delicious smell of wheat. Drinking a bowl of milk tea, eating crabs and taking a siesta in the cool atmosphere of the one-thousand-year temple are valuable things to do in Myanmar.

 Myanmar Plateau Bagan
Horse wagons and bikes are two popular options to go a sightseeing tour in Bagan.

Besides cars, bikes, and horse, you can rent an e-bicycle. It can be more scenic than a car, faster than a bicycle and more independent than a horse cart. This is a popular and modern alternative for a Myanmar day tour. However, a tour on an e-bike is a wonderful experience when you have to travel along dirt roads and dusty tracks, through fields and bushes, stopping at temples big and small, high and low. 

When the afternoon sets in, tourists are brought to Thatbyinnyu, the highest temple in Bagan, in order to admire the splendid sight of the sunset.

Under the guide of Bagan temple guards, tourists can experience another Myanmar cruises by climbing up to the top floor of Sulamani. From this place, they can have an overall view of the huge plateau and the red sun going down on the far horizontal line. The sunlight spreads across temples, trees, and herds of cows which are rushing to their byres. The Bagan landscape just looks like a barren desert in which all things are ambiguous. Kyansittha Umin tunnel can also be seen from there, with the famous one-thousand-year picture. Apart from above sites, Migala Zedi - a great pagoda - and Ananda pagoda with highest pillars in are also among best places to visit in Myanmar.

 Myanmar Plateau Bagan
Most beautiful Bagan is in January when it is cool and trees are changing their leaves.

As soon as darkness overwhelms to cover temple roofs, the sky with tinkling stars appear. In the evening, temples stand quietly among sounds of a horse walking on red roads. The rider still smilingly introduces tourists to places of interest. Myanmar is really generous to give you a poetic day tour.