Hot Air Balloons Became a Must Thing to Do in Best Myanmar Tours

Besides boat ships, hot air balloon trips trip can be the most awe-inspiring way to see spectacular spots and have best Myanmar tours. An ideal destination to take and see hot air balloons flying is Bagan, where tourists can truly witness a massive scale of over 3000 temples across the from the air.
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The ballooning season in Bagan is quite short, from mid-October through mid-March, when the winds are calmer and the air is cooler.  However, your flight might be canceled due to the bad weather so you should be aware of booking with the guarantee of your flight.  

Most of the balloons take off at sunrise, which means you have to get ready for your Myanmar day tour before 6 am.  
It is advisable to book trips through a travel agent instead of working with a Myanmar tour company because it can help you some money.  Just make a few calls or send several e-mails then you have saved a reasonable amount of money for wonderful hot air balloons trips ahead, about $50-$100.  

Affordable price

Balloons Over Bagan and Oriental Ballooning are the most prestigious agencies offering hot air balloon trips. Their prices vary from $320 to $390. 

Balloons Over Bagan

  •  $320-$340 USD / person (classic service / 12-16 passenger balloon)
  •  $380-$390 USD / person (premium service / 8 passenger balloon)
  • (~$330 through an agent after fees)

Oriental Ballooning

  •  $380 USD / person in a 8 or 12 person balloon
  • (~$320 through an agent after fees)

You can say it is so expensive, but it totally equals with the amazing experience you can get through best Myanmar tours. The charges might include the cost of pick up from you hotel, a light breakfast at the launch site and a glass of champagne when you land. What’s more, you should ask the agents whether you will be charged a fee in the event of weather-related cancellation. 
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Having finished trips, you will be given signed certificates so you can proudly show your friends proof that you fly hot air balloons in Myanmar excursions, apart from your high-flying selfies.

Though there are about 20 balloons taking off each morning in Bagan, Myanmar, you should remember to book trips in advance, especially during the highest season – around X-mas or New Year Celebration. 

A must do in Myanmar

You will definitely find flying in a hot air balloon in Myanmar is such a magical and unforgettable experience for best tours.  Nowhere you can have those feelings, flying in a plane or floating in the breeze.  No sounds can be heard other than the odd blast from the burners, or the clicking of camera shutters.  

As soon as the balloon lifts off from the ground, you'll be asked to sit down for the launch. Then it takes some minutes before you are allowed to stand.  A hot air balloon trip will last for about 45 minutes, depending on the winds which are sometimes unpredictable. During this luxury travel Myanmar, nothing can make tourists worried thanks to the stable basket which never sways at all.  

Regarding the staff, they are all trained overseas, with most of the pilots coming from the UK.  It comes as no surprise that a balloon pilot work during one season here then moves to another part of the world for another high season.  
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At the end of this Myanmar travel tour, the pilot will ask you to sit down again and hold on until the landing finishes.  It's important to follow the guidance of the staff, just stay seated instead of hopping out until you are allowed.

Those kinds of trips are even interesting to weak-hearted ones. Som people who are afraid of heights find trips an absolutely amazing time. While the basket comes up quite high, you must have tried really hard to fall out of the balloon. As mentioned above, the basket does not sway at all.
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Though a hot air balloon ride is not a friendly experience to your budget, most people consider it once-in-a-lifetime opportunity especially when you desire to have best Myanmar tours.  So, if you visit the country of Burma in the right season, and you have enough sources, you should certainly try this kind of trip.