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In the section of Myanmar tours combined with other Indochina countries, we offer a series of sample Indochina tours packages with Myanmar as a focus. The most highlight parts of Indochina programs here definitely is Myanmar tours segment. But it never means that we have nothing to show you beyond of Myanmar. With the top selected destinations in mainland of Indochina region, we guarantee to introduce you the wonderful, stunning aspects of countries such as Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and Laos. You will be amazed not only in Myanmar but get overwhelmed in others places. 
We put Indochina tours as the most open section in this website for you customize and create your very own dreaming holiday packages. Take our sample Myanmar and Indochina tours here as a guideline and do your Myanmar Tours in the most creative way. 

Vietnam Myanmar & Thailand tour

19 Days / from US$2025/person

Vietnam Myanmar Thailand tour is a best itinerary in 3 weeks covering the top places to see of those countries. You...

Vietnam Myanmar Tour

15 Days

A captivating tour to Myanmar & Vietnam provides you an extraordinary experience in Asia

Cambodia Thailand & Myanmar Tour

19 Days / from US$3310/person

A guided trip through the pagoda lands of Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar, reveling the cultural treasure and stunning...

Thailand Myanmar Tour

14 Days

Thailand Myanmar tour showcases the best of Thailand and a comprehensive visit to almost favourite parts of Myanmar...

Myanmar Laos - Golden Triangle Tour

13 Days

A unique tour in Myanmar & Laos to discover the hidden face of Golden Triangle area. Laos combined with Myanmar...

Myanmar with Indochina highlights

13 Days

A wonderful holiday package to Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam - three outstanding destinations in South East Asia mainland....

Indochina Rivers Odyssey

21 Days

The homeland of giant rivers including: Irrawaddy and Mekong Rivers enjoys the nature favors of them that...

From Bodh Gaya (India) to Yangon (Myanmar)

8 Days

A very special Myanmar tour connecting two biggest Buddhist land of Indochina Peninsular mainland, we will take you to...
Best places to see in Myanmar 
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Cambodia Thailand and Myanmar tour map 
Myanmar Laos Golden Triangle Tour map
 Myanmar with Indochina highlights tour map
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1. Highlights of Myanmar
    10 Days - From 2.706/ Person
* Featuring Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan and Inle
* Discover this unspoilt country
* Private Myanmar tour guides throughout

2. Temptation of Myanmar
    08 Days - From / Person
* Featuring Yangon, Inle, Irrawaddy & Bagan
* Relax on the spectacular Irrawaddy River
* Myanmar Tour specialist guide throughout

3. The Balloons over Bagan
    06 Days - From / Person
* Featuring Yangon, Bagan and Inle Lake
* View of the region’s stunning landscape
* Private Myanmar tour guides throughout

4.Golden Temples of Myanmar
    10 Days - From / Person
* Featuring 
Golden Rock, Bagan, Mandalay
* The feature of Bago's golden
* Private Myanmar tour guides throughout

5. Myanmar Unveiled & Cruise
    10 Days - From / Person
* Featuring 
Bagan, Mandalay, Inle Lake 
* Best choice for who want to experience. 
* Private Myanmar tour guides throughout

6.Best Chin State Trekking
    05 Days - From / Person
* Featuring 
Bagan, Kanpetlet, Kau Thu Village
* Trekking adventure in Chin State.
* Private Myanmar tour guides throughout

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