Less-known Places in Yangon Myanmar for Relaxing

Yangon, also known as Rangoon, is ancient capital of Myanmar. Its beauty is the harmony of both modern life and ancient life. With many buildings in different designs, trees along the streets, beautiful parks and cool lakes, Yangon becomes more and more attractive to tourists all over the world. As the name “Garden City of the East”, Yangon will really make your hot days cooler with its beauty. These are some recommendation you can check out before starting your Myanmar tour to Yangon.

Inya lake

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Located in the middle of the city, Inya is an ideal place to visit and relax after a long day walking. You can enjoy fresh air, sit down under the shadow of many trees or wander with your team, take photos or hire a boat to see the beauty of Yangon. Taking private Myanmar tour is a great choice if you want to have peaceful experiences after hard-working days, no tired, no job just you and the beautiful lake. Short time relaxing may help much to get back to work better.

Kandawgyi Park

It is about 200m to the gate of Golden Pagoda, easy to find way coming here. Located in the heart of Yangon, this park becomes a great destination for many tourists, both Myanmar(Burma) and foreigners.

You can choose to enjoy its beauty from a floating restaurant, or from your hotel near there, or just go down to get your first steps and breeze even in hot weather. The lake is big and you can get a great view for your memorable photos. Many local people come here in the afternoon, taking time doing exercise and go jogging as a way of relaxing. You can also visit Kndawgyi park during day time while you are still in your Burma tour to ease yourself after a day long.

Maha Bandoola Garden

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With many beautiful and colored flowers in the park, enclosed by great building around, Maha Bandoola Garden is a great choice for anybody like having nice photos with friends. This also should be on your list if you plan to have your holidays to Myanmar and want to discover this city, there are many great looking historic buildings around the park, many even consider this one of the nicest views in the city. If you want to escape from the noise and busy city, this is a good choice for you, too.

People's Square and Park

The People's square and the park had been part of the palace grounds of Queen Shin Sawbu and later a golf course for some years during the colonial days.

Now the area is a beautifully manicured garden. This is also a great place to hold events and outdoor games. There are many kinds of a hotel near the park to choose. Waking u early in the morning and taking the time to go jogging or do exercise in the park is also a good choice to start. It is quite and peaceful, so you can feel yourself at home, even the fact that you are really in a Myanmar tour.

This park is right near  Shwedagon Pagoda, so it will not take much time to move but you can visit the park after spending time going around the pagoda if you want. 

Thaketa crocodile farm

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This is a house of more than 200 kinds of a crocodile. The sight of many crocodiles with mouth opening may make many scares. But in fact, they are trained and really safe for you and even your children to play with them, of course, small ones are better over all.

This is a great destination for any tourists who want to find out more and discover about Myanmar. If you are this kind of person, what you need is a visa to Myanmar and brave to start your days with new experiences.

Drug Elimination Museum

One educational place to visit during your Myanmar short tour is Drug Elimination Museum. You can come here with your family, with your children is a great way to teach them what to do and what should not. This museum was established in 1990, to warn Myanmar people about the danger of drug.

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The museum is housed in a grand building and the fee is quite high. But you can see how Myanmar try to stop drug abusing and it is really worth to keep children away from bad things that they may catch in the future.

If you want to spend time with to discover people, take beautiful photos and then come back, so the advice is not to go. This is not kind of that place. You, who are respected to other country’s culture and really want to find out more about them, should come to a further understanding.

Many Myanmar travel companies do not list this in your traveling schedule.

National Museum of Myanmar

Located in Dagon, Yangon, National Museum of Myanmar is a great place to visit. It was built in 1996 and has been changed to be better for tourists. 

With the design of 5 floors, 14 rooms and the square is more than 18.000m2, this museum is huge enough for you to discover and take photos of many Myanmar artifacts from traffic to music filed. With around 5000 artifacts, you will feel enough and satisfy with what you experience. 

From the first floor up to the fifth one, you can discover about Myanmar culture, Royal Myanmar, and even religion. Everything is available for you to visit.

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These 7 destinations may be useful for you to prepare place and time to come and visit. To start a Myanmar tour is not difficult, for Yangon, it is even very easy. In this city, many interesting places are waiting to be discovered by you!