Myanmar Charming Handicrafts for Enjoyable Shopping

For those who are interested in an exotic culture of shopping, Myanmar is an absolutely suitable choice. Various ethnic groups across the country have spent many years on revolutionize procedures which help to produce attractive handicrafts from local materials. These handicrafts are a symbol of traditional culture as well as heritages of Myanmar (Burma). Whether or not you are eager to buy souvenirs for your own loved ones, for decoration at your home or offices, you should demonstrate your skills of bargaining in Burmese authentic markets, which can be a source of educational and satisfactory experience and make best Myanmar tours.

#1. Carvings on wood

Woodcarvings are among architectural features in Myanmar. This is because they are used to decorate most of the temples, pagodas, and monasteries all over the country. Smaller patterns of these sophisticated carvings are for souvenirs offered to shoppers who are looking out for pieces of traditional culture to bring home.
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The procedure of production

Carvings on wood are a traditional product made from the softwood teak, a high-quality wood which can be seen in large quantities on Myanmar country. As children, young men born and raised in artisan families were under the training of woodcarving, and they have been improving in production since then during times of their lives.
Experts in carving usually get so well-qualified that a lot of Burmese people think highly of their skills which seem intuitive to families of woodcarving. Just like other traditional forms of art in Burma, wood carvings routinely shows spiritual sights like creatures of myth and deities, or images of flowers, people.

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Notable shops

Wood carvings can be bought in any part of this country, unlike other products of handicraft whose centers lie in few regions. Out of shops, Asia Highlights is quite ideal for shopping in convenience.  
  • If you are traveling in the city Yangon, you are advised to check the Sun Myanmar Elephant House Company Ltd and Golden House Wood Working, Carving & Handicrafts for your expected woodcarving on holidays to Myanmar.
  • While in Mandalay, you should visit Amar Waddy and The Aung Nan Myanmar Handicrafts Workshop.
  • With regard to Bagan, it is a good idea to spend some time at the New Bagan Market to search for your favorite woodcarvings as well as other locally produced things.

#2. Lacquerware

Lacquerware items are also among most beautiful and authentic handicrafts available to shoppers throughout Myanmar. The production process of lacquerware has been developed over a course of 400 years in many regions of the continent Asia, despite the fact that the style of Myanmar is most unique.

Notable shops

Bagan is an ideal place for buying lacquerware while this kind of souvenir can be easily bought from any shop in the country. HIT Myanmar is also highly recommended if you are shopping in the old city of Bagan.
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Situated on Main Road, Myo Thit has a large showroom containing several finest lacquerware goods across this area.
You can visit Golden Cuckoo Lacquerware - a small one in Minka bag village which is to the south of Bagan. It is such a fascinating place for those on Myanmar holidays and interested in know more about the production process of Lacquerware as well as looking out for more ancient wares.
Ever stand Lacquerware is another nice option if you want to have lacquerware in the city of Bagan because it has an array of high-quality products while the staff is very friendly and knowledgeable.

#3. Embroidery and Tapestries 

The locals in Myanmar usually decorate their homes, shops and with sophisticated embroidered fabrics as well as tapestries. These products used to be limited to royal or elite people during the early days of this country but they has now become a common kind of souvenir for tourists who are traveling in Burma.
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Notable shops

Here are some ideal destinations for tapestries as well as embroidered souvenirs in this country:
In Mandalay, you should go to Thu Zar Hlaing Myo Gold Embroidery Workshop. This is a welcoming shop which has 7 workers. 
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The New Bagan Markets and the Nyaung U of Bagan have a rich variety of high-quality fabrics made in different styles.
Just make sure that you stop by the Village of Inn Paw Khon to search for tapestries, shawls, sarongs and other fabrics and you will find the best items when traveling to Myanmar with us.