Top 7 Strangest Things to Know Before Starting your Myanmar Tours

Every country has its own beauty and different things. Beside famous Water Splashing Festival and huge pagodas, there are many interesting things to know about this Myanmar. Travelers can set up their own trip or book Myanmar tours and gain interesting experences only in this Buddhist Asia country. 

1.Transportation: No motorbikes and bicycles

Yangon is a trade center and also the biggest city of Myanmar. People here includes both inhabitants and Chinese,… With high population and development of tourism, the government does not allow motorbikes and bicycles to appear in the city. So tour companies in Myanmar can introduce trishaws, buses and pickup trucks instead.  By this way, tourists can discover Yangon like local people. The rate for each means is not expensive, around 1000 Kyats for a short travel.

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2.New Year on Mid-April

Burma people does not hold their New year at the end of December or early in January. Their New Year, also called Thingyan, falls from 13 to 16 of April. This time is also a great time to take Burma tours because travelers can experience Water splashing festival and also Myanmar special rituals. 

There are many Myanmar tours during this time, ranging from cheap to luxurious ones. Visitors can really enjoy themselves and get interesting experiences.

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3.The Hi-speed Internet is luxurious

Myanmar is still a backward country, so it is difficult to get hi-speed internet even though it is easy to access to a free Internet spot. Most of 3-star hotels, restaurants, and coffee shops in main cities offer free Wi-fi while the speed is a different issue. The access for Facebook, mail or chatting is quite good, yet you may still suffer some delays. Video calls or high-data download like sending photos or big files are big problems because it takes very long to get them done. The good news is the SIM card is very cheap as about 1-2US$ each. You must register for a data package or your account will be “eaten up” with just some hours after activating. Myanmar uses GMS (SIM-based) and 3G technology. The favorite network provider for tourist is Oordedo. Micro or nano SIM for mobiles is available too. 

Please be aware that hi-speed WI-FI in some hotels, especially luxurious ones, might be very expensive. HIT Myanmar strongly advise you should clear the prices with receptionists before getting connected.

4.Men wears dress

It is popular for Myanmar men to be in a dress. Both young and old are in the dress. They wear a long dress with a knit at the waist. Many say wearing dresses is better in hot weather. If you want to buy one like a souvenir, you can ask the tour guide from your travel tour company to help. 

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5.Flip flops and sandals all the year.

Myanmar people have a special culture, it is to take off shoes and socks before coming inside the house or pagodas. They believe that it is more polite when you walk barefoot to visit sacred places. With this culture, it is difficult and takes time if they wear normal shoes, so it is funny that a polite man with bright suit wears flip-flop instead of shiny shoes. To be convenient during  Myanmar tours, tourist should prepare flip flops instead of high heels and normal shoes.

6.New and clean money

Myanmar travel companies suggest that visitors should always keep their money clean and new. There is quite interesting opinion that clean money values more than the dirty one. Never fold your money and put in the pocket. Even such a small tear on your bank note, it reduces your money’s value. Travelers can keep money in a small bag or in a book to keep banknotes flat.

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7.Eating culture

Spending holidays in Myanmar, you should care about their eating culture.
Myanmar people always wash their hands carefully before eating. They just have 2 main meals:  breakfast at exactly 9 am, and dinner at 5 pm. Lunch is just a slight meal. Their food is quite dry, so prepare water if you are not used to with this. They have main dishes with shrimp and vegetable. 
According to Myanmar ancient people, eating with the right hand is polite. Because Myanmar people use left hands for personal hygiene. To be a smart tourist, never pay money for food, clothes or anything with your left hand. The best way to do is used both hands, in case you forget which hand to use, it is also more polite and accepted in any countries. 

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Be a smart visitor and beloved by local people are what you need to have a successful trip. These tips can help you enjoy yourself when taking part in any Myanmar tours, at wherever in this country. What you need now after good preparation is just a visa to Myanmar, to start your journey to discover this Burma